Fashion Blog F.A.Q.

Q: Where are you from?

A: For the past 2 years I have lived mostly in Leeds because I study there, but when I’m not there I reside in North Wales.

Q: What dress size/shoe size are you?

A: I am a UK size 6 in clothes, although they are usually baggy. My shoe size can change from 5-6 depending on the fit of the shoe.

Q: You are SO skinny! What do you do?!?!

A: I actually get this question more than any other one, and its something that always makes me a tad uneasy because I don’t really ever know what to say. I won’t justify my weight to anyone, mostly because I feel like I don’t think I should. I personally feel that the most important thing is to be healthy and happy with the way you are and if you have that, then that is all that matters. Having said that however, I have an intolerance to a lot of food groups like wheat and gluten; so I have a strict and simple diet. I’m also very active and run quite a bit as well, when I’m not running around shops that is ;). Apart from that, I can’t really say much else other than its genetics…my brother is the exact same, very skinny.

Q: What do you do with your hair?

A: Well, other than get it cut every two years, not much actually. I guess the reason why its in good condition is because I don’t blow dry it and just leave it; I’ve also never dyed it either. Its another question that I don’t particular know how to answer haha!

Q: What camera do you use?

A: I use a Nikon D3100. I got it for Christmas around 2 years ago because I had since then only ever used a bridge camera and needed an SLR for my course.

Q: What brands do you usually buy from?

A: I’m bit like a bloke when it comes to shopping, I hate going around shops and I will never try anything on…I just don’t have the patience. So, because of this I mostly buy things online; its just so easy and there is so much choice. However, I would say that my main places to buy from (judging by the labels in my wardrobe) are Motel, Missguided and Asos. But I also buy from independent stores like Stone Fox who sell beautiful vintage pieces and I’m a sucker for Ebay.  I also really like Sheinside too! For shoes, I nearly always buy my footwear from a seller on Amazon called My1stwish, they sell all the trending shoes at an affordable price and the quality is great too. With jewellery and accessories, I mostly feature items on my posts that I have collected over the years; I prefer to buy pieces that are individual and won’t break after a few wears. I’m also very lucky to have a mum with a lifetime supply of beautiful jewellery, so I sometimes borrow from her too….and then put it back safe and sound so that she never knows I’ve used it ha.


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