All opinions and thoughts on everything featured on this blog are entirely my own. I own most of the photographs on this blog however but if you do own the copyright to any content on this blog and would like it removed or credited please contact me and i’ll do that.  I do not accept anything unless I feel it would work well with my blog and/or if it is not something I would usually wear or use.  Some links on the site are affiliate links which I could benefit from, however this would never sway my opinion/s. All reviews I write are in my honest opinion, I will never sway my opinion just because something has been sent to me and I do not accept compensation for purely positive reviews.

Also, If you would like to use any images from this blog please credit it back to here and ask for my permission to do so initially. I have had people use my images before without my permission in the past and although I understand that this can be a legitimate mistake, I would really appreciate being asked beforehand in the future.

For Cosplay/Modelling bookings, please contact me jesshealy24@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you.

Jess xxx


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