Reflection of Special Techniques Part 1 and Part 2.

On the 21st November during my “Intro to Photography” workshop, myself and the group were introduced to the special techniques that can be acquired through both manipulation of a photograph in Photoshop and also special equipment when on location of a photo-shoot. As one of our themes in this module is to photograph “Urban Landscapes” through special techniques, it … More Reflection of Special Techniques Part 1 and Part 2.

Reflection on Lenses

On the 11th November, my Introduction to Photography Lecture was based on learning the different kinds of Lenses that can be used in Photography. We were introduced to the types of lenses that we can use to create certain kinds of photographs; these included “Fish Eye (Ultra Wide Angle)”, “Wide Angle”, “Telephoto” and “Macro”. We … More Reflection on Lenses


This week I couldn’t make it to my Intro to Photography lecture, due to a delivery that I had to be present for when it arrived; and so as an alternative I continued with my planning of my first assignment as I have mention in a previous blog. I’ve decided that the best time to take photographs … More Reflection