Is the sub-trend of ‘Gender-Play’ becoming more of a Normality than regular Cosplay?

The world of cosplay, an abbreviation of the words ‘costume’ and ‘play;’ is the highly creative practice revolving around dressing up as one’s favourite character from such wide-range mediums such as comic books, films, anime and even video games. Arguably starting in the 1970s with the spawn of science fiction conventions in America and anime … More Is the sub-trend of ‘Gender-Play’ becoming more of a Normality than regular Cosplay?

Editorial Photo-shoot Essay and Ideas.

As part of the Editorial Photography module that we have been given for this semester; along with 5-10 images we must require an extended essay that underlines similar themes to our main assignment. Essay Requirements: .Be 1200 words that includes academic research into the underlying themes of your main assignment .Include theoretical assessment of the … More Editorial Photo-shoot Essay and Ideas.

DSLR Video

As one of the options for my editorial photography module is that we can make a video, it is obvious that we would have a tutorial where we experimented with the different filming techniques that we could use should be choose to make a video. For my subject, I felt as though I wanted to … More DSLR Video

Gonzo Journalism

What is Gonzo Journalism? A word that was popularised by Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo journalism is a style of journalism that is written subjectively and often includes the reporter in the story as part of a first person narrative. It tends to favor style of accuracy by often using personal experiences to provide context for … More Gonzo Journalism