About Me

An all-round Comics/Games/Film Geek,  my name is Jess and I’m a 20 year old blogger living and studying in Leeds. A Photographic Journalism student at Leeds Metropolitan University, I launched this blog as it is an essential part of course to showcase my work for potential work in the future; so think of it as an online portfolio if you will. Most of my posts relate to my course that involves photography, film, entertainment and social media; however more recently I have taken the plunge in adding fashion blogging to the content of my blog. I try to stay true to my own personal style, which can prove to be challenging without sometimes following the stereotypical fashion blogger aesthetic. Due to this, I pride my fashion blogging posts on everyday fashion that appeals to everyday individuals who simply have a fondness of clothes and don’t necessarily follow the crowd by adding timeless vintage pieces with high street brands to achieve that a look that I can honestly say is individual. Many people often ask me why I call my blog “jessienoochies”, its just a small reference to the good ol’ Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob’s infamous catchphrase; that is all really. I’m often pretty surprised when people actually pronounce it the right way (jessie-noo-chees by the way!)……oh well, snoochie boochies ;)!

If you wish to contact me about anything press-related or in general my e-mail is JessHealy24@hotmail.co.uk, I’m also very active on Twitter so don’t be shy to follow me and I’m good at getting back to people promptly usually so if you have any queries don’t be afraid to ask 🙂


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