Cosplay Sky’s Gamora Costume Review.

Waaay back in September (where has the time gone?!), I was lucky enough to be asked to become a sponsored Cosplayer for the costume company Cosplaysky and represent their work. For those of you who don’t know, Cosplay Sky is a costume company that replicates the attire of beloved characters from all forms of Pop-Culture; including Video-Games, Comic-Books, Movies and TV shows. The company itself choose Cosplayers to represent and review their work as sponsers, which also help promote them as a brand. I was fortunate enough that they took an interest in my work and got to choose from their catalogue of costumes what character I wanted to be. Seeing as Guardians of the Galaxy was released last Summer (and I am a DIE-HARD Marvel fan!), I completely fell in love with Gamora’s costume from the film, and had always loved her as a characterization in the comics; and seeing as Cosplay Sky were releasing a Gamora costume on to their site I jumped at the chance to do her as a cosplay, and so I decided that I wanted to be sponsored with that costume.

                   gamora     10885125_775886955831375_4421224055660922945_n

After all the negotiations, I received the costumed just before Christmas which was sent by Yodel and had confirmation that it had been sent a few days earlier. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it arrived, especially as it was arriving from China; but I think this mirrors the company’s professionalism in handling orders. As I was a sponsored cosplayer, my costume had been tailor-made to my body’s measurements; which typical customers are also given the option to have if they wish for an extra £20, otherwise can purchase it in standard UK sizes. Considering that its custom-made to your measurements, I would say that an extra £20 is incredibly reasonable; especially if you want the costume to fit like a glove…which it definitely did!

Cosplay Sky’s Gamora costume is a perfect replica of how hers is in the film. What I received looked exactly as what is advertised on their website, which no colour variations that can sometimes happen when buying costumes online; so I was really impressed. The amount of detail in the costume itself is gorgeous and I applaud Cosplay Sky for taking the time to really study it so that it was completely screen accurate, which it is!

The costume is made up from a top, bottoms, neck piece that is attached to the rest of the costume by velcro, sleevelets and finally a belt that is fitted together with roping holsters. Although Gamora’s outfit is all in one I’d say that it is better for it to be split up in to a top and bottom, especially as a Cosplayer if you’re going to be using bodypaint for this character, so well done Cosplay Sky! The entire costume is made from artificial leather which feels nice and it fits really well to my measurements so I would say that if you’re going to be buying this costume, then get it custom made to your own as it is completely worth it. The neckpiece attaches to the top almost like you were wearing a necklace, which is also a good thing once you’re all body painted green to look like Gamora and looks accurate to how it looks in the film. The sleevelets are particularly well fitted in my opintion, especially as in the past I have always had problems with sleevelets that come with costumes because I’m very thin; but these came on with problem and stayed exactly where they should be and are a perfect costumization. Finally, we have the belt. When I first tried on the belt I must admit I was a little puzzled that it didn’t have any holes like a regular belt would, and would basically be adjusted to your shape with the roping holsters that came with the costume. As I’m very thin, it did take me a while to adjust the belt so that it would rest pleasantly on my hips and thighs for the holsters without falling down; although at a later date I might add some holes in the belt so it can be adjusted properly. Although, I can see why the roping comes in handy as it allows customers to adjust it to suit their own shape and size; and so I really think that it is just a case of me being very small and not a fault on Cosplay Sky’s part at all.






Overall, I’ve very impressed with the costume. The detailing is perfect for the price and I would recommend it to those who’d love to cosplay everyone’s favourite alien assassin ;). Thank you again to Cosplay Sky for choosing me to represent and review your work! You can purchase the Gamora costume here.


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