Marvel Zombies Black Widow Makeup Tutorial and Welcome Back!!

Welcome back all..

So you’re probably speculating or wondering why I’ve been MIA for so long; and without trying to make excuses for my absence I’d rather just be honest with you all. When I finished University back in May, I tried to continue to let things run as normal on my blog; but to be honest it was getting harder and harder to write up posts because I was simply too drained from all the work I had been doing for the final push of my degree. Quite simply I was completely burned out with my writing, and while I had a ton of ideas for write ups on my upcoming Cosplay projects and other Con coverage; it felt like a massive effort and strain on myself to simply write a few paragraphs. There would be days where I’d set myself the task of blogging and I would have all intentions of doing it; but all I really wanted to do was to simply do nothing…after having really no spare time to myself up until that point. And to me blogging should never be like that, as it should be something that I enjoy or at least I had enjoyed until that moment. It sounds all very dramatic, but with my blogging I have to say that I’m quite the people pleaser and like to post things when I say I’m going go…but I simply didn’t want to. I felt terrible for not blogging but my heart just wasn’t in it at that point; and I also felt that my writing was getting sluggish the more I wrote, despite the passion and interest I had for the subject matter. Which is why I decided I’d give myself what I felt was a well-deserved break from it all until I was ready to get back to it…

But yeah, all dramatics aside I am once again back and ready to blog about anything and everything there is to the Geek Community; and most importantly, my Cosplay projects!

Today I’ve posted a Halloween themed makeup tutorial based on my Black Widow Cosplay. I know that I never posted the rest of my Black Widow incarnation, but I’m hoping that this will give some of you closure in to how I did the rest of that cosplay. I don’t know about you, but I always really like to keep my Halloween costumes quite geeky themed. Since I’m currently in the process of making a Morrigan from Bioware’s Dragon Age in celebration for the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition, I’m quite strapped for cash on cosplay resources; and so I thought a good way of compromising this year would be to do the Marvel Zombies version of Black Widow.

Below you’ll find my makeup tutorial on how I revived the Zombie Black Widow, of which I hope you like! Sorry that its pretty long, I didn’t want to edit too much out as its a heavily SFX tutorial so I didn’t want to skip anything.

Anyhow I hope to be getting back to my blogging in full swing, I’ll be posting tutorials and vlogs on my YT page (Subscribe if you don’t want to miss out!) while also posting on here frequently with ‘How To’ posts on my nearly finished Morrigan Cosplay!

Thanks for sticking with me!



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