Black Widow Cosplay: Part One.

Over the past week I have been putting together my Black Widow Cosplay for Yorkshire Cosplay Con. It was a tough decision, but I decided that the variant of the character that I wanted to Cosplay as was a little hybrid of her from the Anime and Comic-Book version. This was mostly due to looking at what materials I already had along with what look I preferred for Black Widow as a whole; being that I preferred the long hair but also really liked the catsuit not showing too much chest. Once this was decided, I started to build my costume.

Luckily, I already had the catsuit and red wig in my possession from way back when I was doing a fancy dress of Selene from Underworld and my Poison Ivy Cosplay. This meant that a large majority of the outfit was already in place and I only really have to add a few pieces together for my full cosplay to be complete; which was great considering that I’ve also been working on 2 other Cosplays in addition. Below is what the catsuit and hair looked like initially upon trying them on, I was really pleased with how well they looked together and had quite the uncanny resemblance to the hybrid of Black Widow I wanted to dress up as; I also added a belt that I had in order to get an idea of how I wanted the belt to look.


With that being done, the next part of my Cosplay was to make the belt and bullet bracelets. For a long time I was quite undecided as to what type of belt I wanted to do for this Cosplay as there are so many variants; however, I decided that it would be safer to stick to the classic golden disc belt that Natasha wears so that it would look more similar to the Bishjoujo statue of her. I had seen a really helpful tutorial on how to make the discs of the belt by using dry clay; which was more ideal for me as there would be no way I could fire them. For this, I rolled the dry clay and used a glass cup to create the circular shape for each disc and then waited for them to dry. I’d also recommend that you should make however many discs depending on what type of belt you are going to be attaching them to; I myself made about 8 just to be safe in case some of the discs didn’t look right once they have dried. Once this was done I initially painted the discs, but the colour to me looked more yellow than gold; and so I had to buy metallic gold marker pens and spend 2 hours going over which was incredibly tedious…but in the end it paid off and looked much better than the paint itself. When I had coloured all the discs to the appropriate shade, I then used some Gorilla Glue to stick them on to the belt and pinned them down using weights in order to make them stick better. Ideally, I would really recommend using a glue gun instead of simply Gorilla Glue; because although it in theory does exactly the same thing, it was quite annoying having to keep them pressed down with weights. In addition to that, I’d also advise that you measure the spacing between the discs so that it doesn’t look uneven when you’ve got it on. Finally however, once they all had stuck securely on to the belt itself, I then painted Black Widow’s trademark belt buckle with some red acrylic and the belt was finally done!




Tomorrow, I shall be posting part two of my Black Widow Cosplay which will include the bullet bracelets, shoes, gun prop and finally the make-up. Unfortunately this has been quite a quick post as I have been so buys putting together my two other Cosplays for MCM Manchester in July. I know that its incredibly early to have started to make my costumes so in advance; however I am also doing a photo-shoot next week with them and so have been so eager to get them finished as soon as possible to see what imperfections to the costumes there might be beforehand.

However, I am hoping to add as much coverage for the Yorkshire Cosplay Con on to her as possible and will be taking lots of pictures…so stay tuned :)!


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