Drawing Inspiration: Black Widow Cosplay

So in my last post I mentioned my desire to Cosplay as Black Widow for the Yorkshire Cosplay Convention on the 14th June. This is a Cosplay that I’ve actually really wanted to do since seeing Captain America: The Winter Solider, however I feel that many Cosplayers tend to now depict Black Widow as she appears in the movies; and not being one to follow the crowd this is something that I definitely don’t want to do as well. Which means I need to research in to which style I want to make in regards to her outfit so that I can get the materials for this Cosplay asap! Below is the following research that I’ve gathered on the character which will help me decide which one I want to do.


As mentioned, the most popular incarnation of the character is the cinematic version played by Scarlett Johansson. Although this version will probably prove to be quite costly, its actually very simple to put together; with the exception of making the belts. However, and I know that I’ve said this before in my last post the cinematic version of Black Widow just doesn’t resonate with the character I love in the comics. To me, the character gives the feeling that she’s really only there because Marvel feels the need to include at least one female character in their cinematic line-up to appease hardcore fans…and obviously to reel in the sex appeal; more so than the cool and mysterious Russian spy that we’ve grown to love. Also, I can’t really stand the short hair she dons in the Avengers movie; that’s just not Black Widow to me…but hey, that’s just my opinion; which is why I’ve discarded this version altogether.



There is also the typical Comic Book version of Black Widow which is a big possibility for me to Cosplay as. I’ve always really preferred this costume over the film version, mostly because it gives off more of a ‘spy’ feel to her characterization than typical SHIELD agent. However, I’m not overly confident in showing too much of my chest…or any of it for that matter; mostly because its so small and I’m not looking that kind of attention with my Cosplay. I have seen other versions of her catsuit being altered in the comics so that it doesn’t show any of her chest however which provides a bit more realism to her spy persona so this is still a cosplay that I could make for myself. I have also seen a lot of different variations on her belt and bullet bracelets in this medium and I have to say that I prefer them when they are gold as opposed to full black suit just because they are more noticeable and iconic. The second image above from the Black Widow comic I have to say is my favourite look for the character, she looks amazing and it looks like such a simple version to put together; this shot has also made me decide that I want to use a sniper rifle as my main prop for her cosplay…because come on, she looks totally badass!




I’ve also been looking at the type of Cosplays that others are attending as for the Convention, and most of these tend to revolve around Anime. There have been a few interpretations of Black Widow in Anime cartoons such as Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher; along with the popular Bishoujo statue as pictured above. I really like the look of this version of the character, other than the statue itself, the anime style of her isn’t sexualised at all and the suit is kept more realistic; I also really like the way her hair looks in this variation as its long but doesn’t look ridiculous. I have been thinking that I will use the wig from my Poison Ivy Cosplay for this character and looking at the wig it seems better suited to this type of Black Widow variant. With the convention mostly being related to Anime aesthetics, I feel that its only fair if I Cosplay with this style in mind and by studying the costume itself it doesn’t appear to be all that complicated to recreate either.

For now however, I think that it might be best to take a look at what realistically I could recreate with the materials that I already have and what is also accessible to me financially. Once that is done I will start to make the costume!


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