Yorkshire Cosplay Con: Black Widow Cosplay.


So seeing as I am now done with perils of University deadlines, I now have the free time to upload my progress on future characters that I will be Cosplaying as. After seeing Captain American: The Winter Solider (and if you haven’t seen it, go now!!!….I do mean that!), I’ve been sort of obsessed with Black Widow, but not really the cinematic version of the character; because in my opinion, Scarlett Johannson just isn’t Black Widow for me. Its not that I don’t think that she’s a good actress or anything like that, its just to me she doesn’t isn’t that character and I would’ve been far more up for Emily Blunt portraying the character like she initially was; I could go on but I’m babbling quite a bit here ha. Anyway, I’ve always really liked the character and her costume in the comics more so than the cinematic variant and I guess you could say that after watching the film it made me realise just how much I appreciate her role in the Marvel universe. So with that being said, I have decided that I would try my hand at developing my own Cosplay of her.


As I am still based in Leeds until the beginning of July money is a little bit tight at the moment, especially with having to pay for my Graduation later that month along with just general living expenses; which means that the conventions that I will be attending in the next month or so have to really be roughly around where I am based. Luckily however, while scouring through my Facebook feeds (like every student does while grabbing on to procrastination with dear life), I noticed that there was a Convention particularly dedicated to Cosplay in Doncaster on the 14th June; which is absolutely perfect location-wise as it means I won’t have to spend so much on travel! The convention itself is in its 6th year, and one that I haven’t actually heard of before until this year funnily enough; however, it seems like it will be their biggest event yet with Cosplay Competitions and many special guests as well as stalls all dedicated to Cosplay.

Unfortunately however because I have only recently bought my tickets for the convention, and so I missed the deadline of entering myself in to any of the Cosplay Competition that it mentions on their poster and facebook group. However, although this may be the case I still would really like to go as this will be my second Cosplay that I’ve made pretty much from scratch; and so I feel that the more I attend the more confidant I will feel in character/costume.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging on my progress right up until the day of the convention itself where I’m hoping I will actually be able to video some of it this time! I have posted some progress images over the past few weeks already on my instagram page, I had wanted to blog about this for quite some time but with my University commitments you will know that I just hadn’t found the time until now! So as an apology to all, like my Uni project I shall be reporting on my costume research, design and make right up until the day of the convention…I think that’s a good compromise, don’t you? ;).


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