Geek Magazine Cosplay Segment Layout (2/05/14).


Over the past few weeks I have been making sure that the layout for my Geek Magazine Cosplay spread looks the best that it can be. After researching what type of layout I wanted to replicate in previous posts I thought that I had it clear just how I wanted the spread to look; although after meeting with my course leader it seems that I still have a lot to do. While looking at the layout that I had posted previously, she told me that the pages seemed to look very squashed together due to the amount of copy and images that were on each page; making it appear to look less than professional and of an editorial standard that I was trying to recreate. I told her that the layout process for me so far had been incredibly frustrating as I hadn’t used Indesign in over a year and so I felt as though I was relearning everything once again; making it far more time consuming. I hadn’t thought that the layout was going to be as difficult as it actually was, but I agreed with her that the layout wasn’t at all what I wanted it to look like let alone did it compliment Geek’s typical editorial layout.


Because of this, she suggested that I might want to maybe add more pages to the product so that it would free up the space and make the whole spread appear more breathable; of which I have to say I agreed with, because at the moment its looking far too chaotic. She also said to me that I should take another look at how I write up the answers from my interview article as she felt that having the interview questions from the interviews on each page was quite samey and repetitive; and therefore would make a potential reader deterred from reading the whole article. This was also something that I agreed with, as it did cross my mind while I was making the layout. She advised it might be interesting to remove them from the second and third interviews and edit them to look more like an account; elaborating on this notion by showing me an example of such an interview from the Sunday Times Magazine, which I’m quite familiar with. I think that style of interview would suit the second and third interviews because it would give the impression to the reader that it is more personal and therefore a more interesting read; and only have the questions from the interviews on the first page to show readers they are a key set of questions for each interview.

Although I am quite disappointed in my feedback, I do agree that there is still a lot to do with my layout. To me, at the moment it is just not up to the professional standard that I had hoped to recreate and therefore I feel that I really need to play around with my layout and add more pages so that hopefully this will change how it is looking thus far.

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