Geek Magazine Cosplay Layout (8/05/14)

After looking back at my layout, it was obvious that there were a lot of aspects that needed to be changed in order for me to make the final product look more professional. Below are the changes that I had made to the layout in the past week:


With the image above, what was clear to me looking back at this layout was that the copy itself was virtually unreadable. However, I still wanted to have the images that I took of the cosplayers to be in the background so that the reader could identify who is being interviewed. So to tackle this problem I filled in the text box that the copy was in and then made it transparent so that the image was still visible and the text itself was far more readable. I think this made a massive improvement to how the entire spread looked on a whole and getting rid of the questions was definitely a step in the right direction as now the article itself shows that I can edit copy to make it look more journalistic.



However, after seeing my tutor again she decided to pick apart the layout and said to me that it would be better it I had the images on one side of the page and then the text on the other; and basically once again freeing up the pages by adding more space. This seems a lot more practical to me, as I felt that maybe due to there not being a specific amount of pages that needed to be produced for this project that I might as well take advantage of that. Which is why I decided to completely change the way in which my copy and text were laid out by taking her advice and separating them on to different pages. With the interview articles I feel that this really makes the layout look more inviting instead of it being crammed on to one page like I had initially done. Which is also I decided to use this to influence my photo-diary article as well by spreading out the copy and images on opposite sides of the pages. I thought that it might be more eye-catching it I had the title of the article overlapping the image so that the reader would pay attention to both and one wouldn’t be ignored as well.

As this was the case, although I decided to use this style of layout on a majority of the pages I was not overly sure that it would work on the rest of the photo-diary article. This was mostly because I thought that if all the pages were accommodated to this type of layout then once again the content would just look too repetitive. Which is why for the rest of the photo-diary article I decided that I would mix it up a little by taking another look at some more recent Geek Magazine layouts.




As you can see from the first image above, in Geek’s current issue they have used a layout where in which the image has been spread out on to the top half of the double page; with the copy and any additional images placed on the lower level. I felt that seeing as this is a recent issue of the publication that it might be good to find influence from this type of layout. Which is why I chose to replicate this design on some of the pages. I think that it makes the article look more professional and eye-catching with the smaller images showing the additional elements to the design and make of my Cosplay diary. Having said this however, I was a little weary of picking the images on the 3rd screenshot above as the smaller images were only taken briefly from my blog; but I thought that it might be good to include them as it would reinforce the idea of my article being a diary and make it more personalized.

Overall, I am really happy with how the layouts have turned out. I am plan to complete the additional pages of my product over the next few days in time for my final presentation which will be on the Thursday. I am feeling fairly confident about my product however I am hoping that all this time planning and researching my product will communicate to my tutors.


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