Gantt Chart and Final Presentation Feedback

On Thursday, I presented to my tutors my final Project Implementation and progression; the preparations up until that point had been going very well and I felt that I was more than ready to present on that day. However, the night before unfortunately my printer had ran out of ink just as I was about to print out the handouts that I had put together for my tutors to look at while I was talking through my project. Due to this, it meant that I had to get up at 5am just to print them out at the library on Headingly campus and then rehearse my script until my slotted time to present at 11.40. Because of lack of sleep and general worry about the presentation itself (as I am not the kind of person who public speaking comes easily to) I feel made me quite overwhelmed and so during the presentation itself I started to mix my words up and become quite flustered when reading from the script that I put together; and this was something that was definitely picked up by my tutors. What made it more frustrating was the fact that I didn’t feel as though the idea had communicated to them very well despite being more than prepared; and I feel that this is mostly due to my verbal delivery of the entire project. This is something that in the past presentations has never happened to me despite not feeling overly comfortable with public speaking; and so I can only really narrow it down to nerves and the situation itself and therefore was not due to lack of preparation…I only hope that my tutors will be able to see this.

Despite this, I feel that the content in the presentation was incredibly formative and showed not only my understanding of Geek Magazine’s readership but also the journalistic skills that I have obtained from this entire process by giving examples of similarities between my final product and that of Geek Magazine. I also included an evaluation segment to my final presentation which included the statistics of my progression through my Gantt Chart and examples that I have shown on here and other formats. Below is a more in-depth break down of my Gantt chart:


Although I had a few setbacks during the entire project, because I was more than prepared in advance to the completion of my project it shows on my blog that I didn’t have much slippage in my critical path. I think this shows just how good my time management and planning was overall and where there was any setbacks such as the Em-Con incident I was still able to come up with an alternative solution. As you can see here in the image above, the only critical elements that had to ready for a specific date were the materials that I needed for my own Cosplay, of which I started in good time before the initial convention I was going to attend and therefore had there been any problems I would still have been able to comeplete these well in advance.




Although my tutor said to me in the presentation that I didn’t baseline according to the screenshot I had of my gantt chart in the handouts; this was far from the case. As you can see here, I preferred to baseline only specific tasks on my project as I felt it would measure the changes in my plan clearer than just simply baslining the entire project; although I feel that her judgement was clearly due to the screenshot I chose to include.

At the start of this project, looking back I would say that I found the Gantt chart to be frustratingly difficult to use; this is mostly because of the software itself more than the concept behind it. I understand the reasons why it is key to include this type of progression chart on certain projects (especially in a group) as it keeps you up to date with where exactly you should be at. I tried to keep my chart in a chronological order due to what I felt would logically be the next step after the completion of a task as well.  However, as I have always felt as though my time management and organisation has always been good I feel that this project that only solidified just how much I value the importance of this in my professional qualities. I would say that the only problem that I had was keeping up with the amount I was spending on my finances for this project. Obviously,mishaps happened that because of this that influenced the final amount that I had spent; and so this just reinforces that I need to be aware than alternatives to certain mishaps need to be expected so that I can keep on track of this. I feel that although I had my problems with the Gantt chart, I do see the ways in which it can be incredibly useful in the professional world. It is something that I think I may comes to terms with more easily the more I use it and with that it is definitely something that I will want to use in future projects.

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