Photo-Diary Article Layout So Far.



As you can see from the image above, here is my Photo-Diary article layout so far. I thought that seeing as this article has been written for a good while now that I should start with this layout, especially as I am still organizing potential photo-shoots with other cosplayers should I choose to use their images for my interview article. Although I initially wanted the layout to this article to be almost like a timeline, I felt that this would not resonate well with the article that I had written for it. Mostly due to that fact that there was so much copy that I thought it would overthrow the chosen demographic in to reading it as well; which is why I’ve made a bit of a hybird of all the layouts that I have collected for research. I’ve tried to stick to the usual layout that Geek Magazine tends to have by a very ‘techy’ and art deco layout with the boarder being at the side which is where the bleed tends to be. Initially the colour of the text was black, which I would really prefer however it was virtually unreadable next to the navy blue boarder behind it. I am still unsure of how the main image looks against the title of the article, which I’m sure will be subject to change over the coming weeks up until my presentation; however, I must see what my tutor thinks about the overall layout before I start to change it.

I have also enquired with my tutors if we should include advertisements if we are doing a printed publication for the implementation, of which they said it would be advisable. Although this would have the potential to show my understanding of Geek Magazine’s readershi,p I was worried that due to it being an international magazine the advertisements that would be seen would be subject to copyright if I used them. Due to this, I e-mailed my tutor and asked how I could work around this problem and they said I could ask permission to use such posters if I wasn’t prepared to make my own. In my mind I had imagined that because it is a convention special that I am putting together it would be good to use upcoming convention posters as advertisements. For this, I have contacted a few conventions and Cosplay charities if I can use their posters, with one replying back to me giving me permission so far; and  now  I will wait for the others to reply back to me. Although its not a necessity to have in my final product, I feel that it would show my tutors upon presenting it in the next few weeks that I understand what my subject and demographic are while also showcasing how I am accommodated for this as well.

With Wales Comic Con being in just a few days time, once I have attended the convention and edited the pictures taken from this event I will then start to work on the rest of my layout.



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