Editing Cosplay Images (So Far!)

One thing that my tutor mentioned last time I met with her was that it seemed as though with the photographs that I had collected at MCM Birmingham didn’t give off the sense that the Cosplayer was the main focus of the images themselves; which I had to agree. Looking at Cosplay photography, as I’ve mentioned before its a mix of both fashion and portrait photography in that the Cosplayer themselves our ‘selling’ or presenting the costume that they are wearing. After taking another look at the images that I had taken during that day, the main thing that I noticed was that I needed a much lower depth of field if I wanted to replicate typical Cosplay photography and therefore implicate to the viewer that the Cosplayer was in fact that main focus of the image. Therefore, I decided to edit them in Photoshop so that I could manipulate the image to give off this effect.


To give off this particular effect, I opened up the photographs in Photoshop and began to edit the images by duplicating the initial layer and used then used to quick selection tool to go around the Cosplayers; in order to highlight them and blur out the background. As you can see, the quick selection tool has gone over the outline of the Cosplayer quite well, and I only had to sharpen the lines a little so that the contrast was more noticeable.


Once this was done, I then clicked on the refine edges option which highlighted where exactly I used the quick selection tool. Seeing as there’s actually someone who was in front of me during this shot (hence why one foot is not fully selected) I thought this was an pretty accurate outline and so decided to stick with it for blurring the background. You can however smooth and contrast the edges but I decided that there wasn’t really a need to as it really needed to stand out.



When I was done with selecting the Captain America Cosplayer I then clicked and inverted the quick tool selection so that it wouldn’t actually the Cosplayer itself. I then selected in the Filter section the Lens Blur option which then came up with the screen shot above. I decided that the blurring didn’t have quite as much impact that it had and so I moved the radius to 31 so that the Cosplayer would stand out more.


As you can see from the before and after above, although its only a very subtle change I feel it really had made all the difference to the quality of my images; and it also stays true to the typical aspects of Cosplay photography. I have also thought that it will look better this way if I choose to have the images as the background in my Geek Magazine layout and have the copy right over them as it will make the articles easier to read.

After I edited this image, I also decided to blur the others that I have taken which you can see below.




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