Project 44 Lecture Discussion (2/04/14)

This week our lecture revolved around another entire group discussion to see where everyone was at in preparation for the exhibition; of which we realised was not very far away at all. This was more apparent when we were informed that next week would be the last time anyone could go and paint their chosen space; which as you can imagine was quite the wake-up call that in roughly a months time we would be showcasing our work to the public. In theory, due to next week being the beginning of the Easter holidays, we are at a disadvantage as we will lose an extra 2 weeks to prepare and get everything done by; which is quite a scary thought as it feels as though a lot of things are still very much up in the air at the moment. We have been told that once we are back we literally only have a ‘check-in’ week and then it will be the week of the exhibition opening, which will obviously consist of  mainly printing/mounting and framing images and so that really doesn’t leave us very long at all.

This means that over the next few weeks in my Press Release group we need to distribute the preview night press release as soon as possible. Our tutor has also mentioned to me today that the Corn Exchange are requesting that we send them over some rough details of the event itself so that they may print their own press release as a form of advertisement as well. He also said that they were requesting a single image that sums up the exhibition and the kind of work that we shall be showing so that we may appeal to the public even more so. I argued that it should really be an image that is complimentary to the Leeds area, as it will be instantly recognizable and therefore those who are interested in attending will find the work more relatable and localized. However, my tutor felt that may come across as uninteresting although he understood where my motives were coming from; he seemed to think that a more worldly image would be better accommodating because it suggested that the subject matter of all our images was varied, which I ultimately agreed with. Between me and my group, we felt that a student in our class who had photographed a tribe while in Africa would be the best image to send out as it showed the possibility of what kind of photography would be shown.

We have also been asked in my group to put together the final draft of the pose-preview night press release, of which we are still putting together. I mentioned during this session that its been hard to find an angle on how to write this particular piece as we obviously can’t predict how the night itself will go. However, my tutor said that this press release should be seen as a way of selling the preview night and to look at it as though it would be a success, with mostly reiterating the details that we already have set in stone like the Lord Mayer opening the exhibition along with the fundraising that we are hoping to achieve as well. So in theory, closer to the time of the exhibition itself this pose preview night press release should be finalized and written ready to sent out.

Another pressing matter for the exhibition as a whole is the catalogue aspect. For me I have decided that the images for my main project wouldn’t work really as part of an exhibition as they are more documentary based and the photographic quality is just not up to the standard that I would like to show to the public. As this is the case, I have decided to stick with the ‘Editorial Photography’ images that I shot last semester instead. With there only being around 18 images that I have chosen to add to this catalogue, along with only being allowed 8 pages to show our work, I felt that 2 images per page would spread out quite nicely and enable those who look through it a change to see my shots clearly. For the layout, I took the advice that my tutor game me and used the program called Blurb to plan what kind of layout I wanted to images to be presented in. I found overall that this program was quite confusing, especially for a while it would not allow me to even change or customize and add measurements that we were told were to be the size of the catalogue itself. And so for this I simply have to pick a default layout which contained 2 images per page which would at least give the idea to those who were in charge of the catalogue on how I wanted it to look.

It was also discussed during this session just how everyone was going to print and mount their images. I myself, have not had much experience with printing and so this is something that I will really need some help with. It has been mentioned before that we would be allowed to print our work through the printer in Ceadmon on Headingly Campus. However, I have heard from a few others that only 3 of the images would be free and the rest would have to be paid for; although this is something that I would prefer not to do, I feel that it would be far cheaper to print through the university as opposed to paying for another printing company to do it for me; but this is really something that I’ll be looking at closer to the time. For now I need to focus on exactly the sizing I want, and this will ultimately be determined by my visit to the Corn Exchange next week.


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