Preparation for Wales Comic Con

After taking some time to myself in order to write up the Photo-Diary segment of my final project, of which seems to be going well thus far; I have decided to put a little more preparation in to my attendance at the Wales Comic-Con at the end of this month. As you can see with the last post which was dedicated to my Cosplay success at MCM Birmingham, to me it really feels as though this convention should be treated as a sort of ‘back-up’ in content simply because I now have the bulk of what I wished to achieved already. Obviously,  if what I collect at this convention feels to me to be of a better quality; it will therefore be easy for me to simply tweak my final product based of what I find on the day of the convention itself.

As part of this preparation, I have once again contacted Cosplayers near the North Wales/Wrexham area in order give me more options on who I want to include for my ‘Photo-Spread’ and interview articles through social media such as Facebook forums, Twitter and Cosplay websites. I have also decided to put together a formal document which gives me permission to use the images and interview asnwers of these Cosplayers in my final product, of which I imagine is the normal procedure that such publications like Geek Magazine would use as well. As when the actual product is presented and handed in, the identity of these cosplayers will be slightly unveiled by which I will include their name, answers and obviously their images; which is something that I have discussed and have been given consent to use already, and so this will merely be a formality that I can later show my tutors. Although I have had consent of such Cosplayers to use this particular content within my final product, I feel that it is better to include documentation that says this in black and white rather than highlighting it through e-mails exchanged of which I would only show my tutors. I will be sending these out to the Cosplayers that I have been in successful contact with over the next few days.


With that being said, I had some feedback from my tutor on my coverage of the MCM Birmingham convention. While she said to me that the photo-diary aspect of my implementation seemed to be in the final preparations of being completed and that she was impressed with the dedication to the art-form that I had acquired for this investigative article; she did however mention that my photography needed to be touched up in composition. In my defense, I did say that I found it slightly difficult to conduct my photo-shoot with these Cosplayers due to the immense amount of attendees at the convention; of which there was more than one occasion when one would walk right in to the shot I was trying to take and so added pressure to needing to be swift and quick. With that being said, she reiterated to be that from examining the images of which I had been the Cosplayer and others were photographing me, it seemed as though within these photographs I was the main focus as there was a low depth of field; which is something that she suggested I look to copy with my upcoming Cosplay photo-shoot at this upcoming convention. I agreed that I needed to look back at the research I collected initially in my first semester from my ‘Editorial Photography’ module, which broke down the key aspects of Cosplay photography; which are heavily influenced by fashion and portrait photography. In comparison, my images are simply not on par to those that I have tried to mimic in style and subject matter; and this is really something that needs to be perfect as it showcases the Cosplay world to the suggested ‘Geek Magazine’ audience while also showing the effort and craftsmanship that the Cosplayers themselves strive to achieve. Therefore, I will look to do further research in to this  in order to see what techniques are required to achieve this form of photography so that I am well equipped for the convention on the 27th.

Along with this, I also think that I need to start putting together a mock-up of the layout for my final product which is to be handed in by next month. With so little time there is to complete this implementation, it would be wise of me to seek more research in to exactly what type of article layout will fit my copy and images that will also compliment the style that is trademark to Geek Magazine. So by the end of next week I hope to have started if not even completed this so that I am prepared once I have collected all my content for my articles. I have also nearly finished my photo-diary article, of which I will be posting and e-mailing my tutors my first draft this weekend.


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