Putting together Press Release Draft 12/03/14

So far, me and the other member of my group have been putting together the draft version of the press release for our exhibition. We have been researching in to the structure that a typical press release tends to have and so far this is the draft that we have come up with below.

Press Release

Leeds Met Photographic Journalism students to put on graduate exhibition.


44 final year photographic journalistic (BSC) students studying at Leeds Metropolitan University are holding a graduate exhibition of their work at the Corn Exchange in Leeds City Centre in the beginning of May (insert date).

Having studied at the university for 3 years, the graduating class are displaying some of their favourite work that will open to the public (insert date).The work will consist of a range of photographic genres, installations and written work.

“Its extremely fulfilling to see your work come to life in an exhibition after 3 years of honing our skills. It’s also nice to see everyone coming together as a year one last time before graduating.” –Jess Healy.

Opening Times: (insert)

For further details, please contact: (insert contact information)

We wanted the press release to really focus on the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ details of the exhibition; however, we also wanted to show a little flair with our writing that would therefore depict what the exhibition will be about. This is an incredibly vital piece of writing for our exhibition as it will be sent out to many publications in hopes that we can get as many visitors as possible; so it is essential that we get the appropriate information down without it becoming too lengthy. It was decided that we needed to keep it compact enough so that readers wouldn’t want to skip over it and so we kept to the main facts and left it as unbiased as possible so that attendees could make their own opinions on the work being displayed. We also felt that there should be a quote from a student describing what the process of working as a year has been like, in hopes that it would show those who would like to attend an idea of just how much effort and time everyone in the final year has put in to making this exhibition a success. As weren’t entirely sure just what the time and date of the exhibition would be taking place, we have kept it blank for now in hopes that we will add to this once it has been officially decided by the year altogether. We also thought that it would be interesting if we could mention a student who might have won an award or been featured already in a magazine for their photography; however, so far no one has got back to us within the year group.

The next aspect of the press release side of the exhibition is to come back to this draft as a later date and polish it up with clearer details of who to contact and what the time and date of the exhibition will be. We have also toyed with the idea of making two press releases, with one for the private viewing and one for the rest of the week that the exhibition will be held; however, this at the moment is only an idea and something that we will discuss with our tutor as a later date. We are also planning on included 2 or 3 images to be sent out to chosen magazines, blogs and websites so that readers may see what type of photography will be displayed.

The next thing that I myself will need to focus on is making my mini-scale model of the wall space that I have chosen to display my photography. Now that I have measured everything out, I will need to use the formula given by my tutor in order to accurately replicate how I want the wall and my display to look at the exhibition itself.



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