My Google Drive Catalogue and About me Upload.

In my previous post, I mentioned that both the catalogue and social media group were asking the rest of us to upload images on to our exhibitions google drive account. For this, we had to decide which images would be going in to a catalogue that would fill up to 8 pages per person, along with providing an additional image of our work and an ‘about me’ segment to go on our exhibition’s website. I had a long thought about what I wanted to go in to the catalogue, as 8 pages person is actually a lot if you think about it depending on how the layout will look. As I feel that my best photography has by far been the images I’ve done this year for my Cosplay project, I decided to include the ones that will be displayed on my wall, along with the additional images that I submitted as part of my ‘Editorial Photography’ module from last semester. I am thinking that it might be better to have only a small number of images on each page (2 or possibly 3 images per page), as I think this will fill up the 8 page space easier and will allow attendees to see my work clearly. We have also been told that if we want to design the layout of the images ourselves then we must download a program called ‘blurb’ and simply screen capture the layout that we would like our work to be displayed as. Although this is something that I have yet to do, I am still having initial ideas of how I would like it to look, and so I think I will leave this until a later date so that I am sure how exactly I want my work to be shown.

As mentioned above, we were also asked to provide an additional image along with a small ‘about me’ segment which would then go on the exhibition’s website. Seeing as this was to explain a little about ourselves and what type of photography we were planning on showing to the public, I once again chose an image that would be displayed on my wall in the exhibition display itself so that attendees would find my work memorable and refer back to seeing it beforehand; thus instantly recognizing my work. I found the ‘about me’ section of this upload a little difficult as I really didn’t want to mention that I was a student as I thought it would come across as too cliche and inexperienced. Therefore, I chose to not mention that I was a graduating student and mostly describe what kind of work I had been focusing on for this exhibition. Below, you can see what I have written and what was posted on the exhibitions website itself:


Now that this has been uploaded, I plan to put my main focus on how I want my display in the catalogue to look like. In addition, my group have planned that we will meet up on Monday so that we can put together the final stages of our press release so that it is ready to be sent out to our chosen publications. We have also applied the first coat of paint to our room where we are displaying our work, we plan to go back in the next week or so to paint it again and also repair the parts of the walls that need to filled in again.


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