Exhibition Discussion: 19/03/14

Last week we had a year discussion of exhibition in general so that we could see where each group was at progression-wise. We also also found out that in order for each of us to be able to redecorate our rooms for which we were displaying our work on, we would have to each buy our own paint. This to me personally seemed incredibly unfair, especially as we had already paid £35 each to hire the Corn Exchange. I know that in a professional world that this is really only a small sum to pay for most artists hiring out exhibition space, but being a student I feel as though £35 is hard to come by and would usually be spent on something more important as living in general. However, I understand that this is a requirement for the module and if we want to exhibit our work in the Corn Exchange then we must all make this small sacrifice. Some were less pleased than others as well to hear that we would also have to pay for our own paint as many of the rooms in this venue needed to be repainted more so than mine, in this case it really would have been better if we had all split the cost so that others weren’t spending more for rooms that desperately needed a repaint along with many other repairs. With the people in my room, I was lucky as we decided that a 2.5L would be more than enough to paint our room with, and we then bought 3 rollers and trays which narrowed the pricing down to £5.60 each, which is fair as we would all go in to the Corn Exchange on the same day so that we could paint the room together as a group.

The group who were allocated to put together the invites for the exhibition have also informed us that each person who’s work is being displayed is allowed to send out 2 invites each due to the cost of printing. However, it was also suggested that it might be better to simply inform invites who we know personally through social media instead in order to save money; and then as an alternative we send out physical copies of the invitations to artists or photographers we may only know professionally in order to boost up our number of attendees. Although I do agree with this, I still think it might be unclear as to will then be invited formally through social media, this makes me wonder just how they are meant to show that they got an invite? I know that they could simply print off an invitation or show it through an email on their phone on the day of the private viewing, but to me this just seems a tad temperamental.

We were also asked by the catalogue group that we need to supply them with images for our 8 pages in the booklet for all our work. At the moment I have added some of the images that are to be on my wall, however I am not sure what other images I could add in to this; which is why I am going to wait until the deadline for this so that I can see if my images from MCM are any goo to be featured in this catalogue. They also mentioned that they need to see what kind of display we would want our images to be in, however due to not uploading all my images yet I am not sure how I would want them to look; but I do need to keep in mind that it will 8 pages, and so I have the freedom to add as many or as little as I want.

In our group, during the discussion we said that we had already put together our first draft and that were going to perfect this once we had found out the actual date and time of the event itself (for which we found out is the 9th-16th of May, from 6-9pm). We also asked again if people could send us some images of their work we could then send this out along with the press release; however, still no one has got back to us on that, which I guess is understandable seeing as so many groups are asking for content. During the discussion, we mentioned that we were a little frustrated that the group who were focusing on advertisement and the mailing list (which we had been given before, but for some reason was then given to this particular group instead) that they had gone and invited other publications without our consent nor even informing us. This is something that really cannot happen again in the future as it means that we run the risk of sending out our press release to the same publications as the advertisement group, which just makes the exhibition look unorganized and incredibly unprofessional.

After all groups had put presented their progress so far, I showed my lecturer my mini-scale model with how I wanted my work to be displayed on the wall space I had chosen. He seemed to think that for the A2 sizing of the images I wanted, the type of display I have created seemed perfectly fine and reiterated that because our room had glass walls, it therefore make the images more eye-catching.

In the group that I am sharing my wall space with, we have decided that we will meet up at the Corn Exchange so that we can at least apply one coat of paint to the room. In addition, this also means that while we are painting we can then investigate what other repairs need to be fixed in the room as well, such as lighting or dampness as an example.

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