Exhibition Space Selection.

As I have mentioned in last post about our upcoming exhibition for our final year, last week we were to meet at the Corn Exchange in Leeds City Centre to pick the spaces that we wanted our work to be presented on. I was a little worried at first because I wasn’t entirely sure how I wanted my work to be presented, as I had always imagined it to be shown in a traditional sense due to the subject matter of the photographs; which are still subject to change depending on what images I take at the MCM convention tomorrow. This had me feeling rather flustered as I knew I needed to start thinking about what type of sizing I wanted and how it should be displayed and without having much guidance as to how my own images could be presented, I was really starting to feel the pressure. I had only really imagined them being of A2 sizing, with only 9 or possibly 8 images on display due to still not knowing exactly where in which I was going to have them put against; however, I reassured myself that for the moment this would have to suffice and once I had picked a particular space, I could then start to think of a more in depth idea of how I wanted my aspect of the exhibition to be displayed.

While I was on my way however, I had a course mate who is also in my Press Release group contact me informing me that she couldn’t make it in the session this week as her car had broken down and she was hoping that I could pick the space for her. I asked her if she could give me her image measurements and how many there were that she wanted to be displayed so that I had something to go on in order to pick a good enough space for her as well, and so she did.

With my coursemate’s measurements in mind, I thought that it might be best to focus on what she would want instead as her images were obviously going to be far more bigger than mine as hers were to be just a little bit larger than A3; and as the Corn Exchange is so large I was sure that I could find a sufficient wall space that would compliment both our needs. Peter, who had met those who attended the session informed us that one of the best sections of the downstairs area of the Corn Exchange where we were to have our exhibition held was where the restaurant area situated in the building used to be; especially as it was the eye-catching due to its glass windows and doors and having the most light. Once this was mentioned, I thought that this would be a perfect section to place my coursemates work as it definitely was the largest area where we were allowed to pick our spaces; and so I went over to investigate the area as soon as we were able to go off and have a look.

After going around and having a look, I thought that the best space in this old restaurant are for my coursemate’s work to be placed was on the back wall due to it being the largest wall space. I thought that even if someone else is wanting to also go in to that back wall then they could also do that because it was so big; and in addition there was also a wall space next to that was still enough to put any smaller images on there if they should wish to add more. Seeing as the room itself had an equal amount of wall space, it was incredibly easy to visualize the space and how I could display my work; which is why chose to go on the opposite side of the room. As this particular part of the room was right next to the glass windows I also thought that I would have an advantage over anyone else because my work would be able to be seen first if people were to be walking past. I also thought that it would be a good space because it had a very small and intimate feel to it as it was only one wall, thus making it more inviting to look at; with the addition of making it far less stressful for myself as I would only have to focus on what would be going on one wall itself.


Now that I have decided where I am going to be putting my work, we have been asked to put together a mini-model of how we want our work to be displayed. This as we have been told must be drawn to the equivalent of how we image our work would be, and therefore must be converted in to inches as a mini replica of how we want it to look. At first I was a little worried about it, but after speaking to my lecturer, they have informed me that I only need to put together one wall model as that it all I will be showing my work on; while it should only be an idea of how we want it to look and so it is subject to change over the coming weeks.

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