The search for another Convention…

Over the last couple of days I have been recuperating from Sunday’s turbulent event at Emcon. As that day was quite unsuccessful in terms of getting the photography of the cosplayers that I had chosen to photograph and competing in the competition due to the overselling of tickets; my spirits towards this project implementation have been quite low. I’ve been feeling so uncertain about what I could do as an alternative because next week I am meant to be presenting the work that I have gathered so far that will go towards my final product of a ‘convention’ special Cosplay segment for Geek Magazine. And because of last weekend’s shambles I felt as though I would have very little to show to my tutors; apart from showing the answers to these Cosplay interviews, along with my design and making photo-diary segment of this product.

However, over the past couple of days I have kept in mind an alternative convention to attend this Sunday in hopes of collecting the work that I need to show for next Monday. MCM, a highly established comic book and sci-fi convention here in the UK are putting on a convention in Birmingham, which also has its very own Cosplay Masquerade. As it is a masquerade that they will be putting on, this means that the competition itself is slightly more competitive than the previous one that I was competing in at Emcon, in that the idea being the masquerade itself is that each contestant must perform some kind of  skit or performance which replicates their chosen character. Below is the description featured on the MCM website that goes in to more detail about the Cosplay Masquerade itself:



As you can see in the description above, the masquerade itself looks to focus mostly on accuracy and craftsmanship; which is exactly what my photo diary article is looking to be based on within this sub-culture. Seeing as this is a slightly more serious competition it should also be far more organised than the one that I should have competed in at Emcon; meaning that it will push me more to marvel the crowd and judges not only with my costume, but also my performance as Lara Croft.

As this is only a mere 2 days away, I will need to start practicing my skit performance of which I have chosen to keep my portrayal of Lara when she makes her first kill.  Having already e-mailed MCM, I have now officially entered myself in to the masquerade and sent them the track in which I wish to perform my skit to, which funnily is titled ‘First Blood’ taken from the OST of the Tomb Raider game. Which means tonight I am going to purchase an early bird ticket for the convention along with my train ticket so that I don’t run the risk of having the same outcome as last week’s fiasco at Emcon. I have also decided to take along with me my interview questions on craftsmanship in Cosplay to the convention, as I clearly will not have enough time to look online through social media which cosplayers are going to be attending the convention itself. I also plan on photographing these Cosplayers who I see and interview as well.

This is obviously going to be a bit of a rush to complete for next week and isn’t the ideal situation of which I would like to be in. However, I am lucky enough to be able to attend and compete and this is really a chance that I cannot let pass me by as I need to present my progress. Tonight I am going to research in to Cosplay Masquerade skits and performances so that I am well prepared for Sunday; of which I plan to upload video footage of my progress.



In other news, I have been in contact with Peter McConnochie from Urbanscot Photography, who was one of the photographers who photographed me at Emcon last weekend and he was kind enough to let me post the images here on my blog. As I have mentioned in the previous post I was incredibly humbled by the reaction of the crowd at Emcon and what they thought of my Lara Croft Cosplay; and to have someone who was photographing the event itself spot me out of so many other cosplayers who attended, I am incredibly grateful to be able to show the images that he shot of me. I hope that this is a sign of what will come at MCM Birmingham during this weekend!


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