Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2013 Cosplay: ‘Becoming’ Lara Part Two.

With the convention commencing tomorrow, I am currently conducting the final preparations for tomorrow’s journey to Nottingham; including the times and places I am meeting the interviewed Cosplayers to photograph. That being said, as I have researched in to Lara’s mindset from the Tomb Raider 2013 video game that I am cosplaying as, I now need to put in to practice the type of mannerisms that Lara has so that I get the ‘play’ side of Cosplay just right.

I have been looking at existing cosplays of this version of Lara Croft yet again so that I can experiment with certain poses I can use not only during the cosplay competition, but also while on the convention floor among the general public. I have been toying with the idea of completely staying in character for a majority of the day, especially as this act is considered the truest form of Cosplay; however I am not sure if I would feel confident enough to do this as it might be a little distracting, especially if I am going to be doing other work at the convention itself with other cosplayers. For now I am planning on keeping the play side of tomorrow fairly tame unless I am being photographed; which leads me on to the type of posing and mannerisms I am hoping to use.

images (26)

Of course one of the most popular poses to opt for with this type of Lara Croft Cosplay is with the use of the bow and arrow. This is a great action shot and something that has even been mimicked in the concept art of the game as well. For this pose, I will need to practice before tomorrow a typical archery stance so that I appear not only like I know how to handle the weapon, but also look at ease and graceful so that I don’t seem awkward or timid; which is definitely a trait that Lara doesn’t possess. The only thing that I will need to keep is mind however is not to pull the bow back too far due to the buddleja branches being quite delicate, especially as they have already snapped once.




As a slight alternative to striking a typical archery pose, a tamer way of using the bow and arrow is to have it lowered so I don’t run the risk of accidentally snapping the bow. I think that this type of pose still very much shows the mannerisms of Lara in this game, although it obviously isn’t as much of a action shot as the one above. This kind of pose seems to be a little more practical as well as I’m sure there will be many attendees at the convention itself, which may make it hard to pull an archery pose like the one above. It is a shame that I will not be in a location that would be similar to the Yamatai island in the game, because if I was I would be able to pull a lot more poses from a range of locations.

images (27)


images (29)

Another type of pose that I could use if I was getting bored of using the bow and arrow, as they can be quite heavy to hold after a while is with the gun that Lara makes her first kill with. Seeing as this is the version of Lara that I am properly portraying from the the video game’s narrative, I feel that this is really an essential weapon of Lara’s that I need to use. Above are a couple of poses I could have with the pistol, which I think due to its size is a little more flexible in how I could pose with it.


Seeing as Lara’s body is pushed to the limit and experiences some wear and tare, I think it would also be interesting to do some poses with her tending her wounds. This could also help amplify the make-up that I will have put on tomorrow, and also stays true to the character’s mannerisms in both the concept art and actual gameplay by projecting her overall mindset. I think this type of pose would be a nice change from the usual cosplay poses that I have seen for this particular character, a lot of cosplayers tend to go for the obvious action poses; but I want to also project Lara’s characterization in my Cosplay and I think I could achieve that with this type of posing.

There’s a lot to still prepare before tomorrow’s convention; and luckily I have the costume fully completed now which is a huge lift off my shoulders. Especially as I am still in the mist of contacting and receiving interview answers from them for the Cosplay photo-shoots that I will be conducting tomorrow throughout the day. I am going to also try and keep a small video diary of the convention itself if I have the time of which will be recording on both my cameraphone and my DSLR camera as well. This will be a candid documentation segment of getting ready, traveling and the reaction of attendees at the convention which I hope will show just how much the role of craftsmanship is ever-present in Cosplay; and thus promote it.

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