Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2013 Cosplay: Make-up and Hair Outcome.


Well as you can see from the image above, I decided to go with a combination of looks for my Lara Croft make-up. Having heavily been influenced by the ‘Definitive’ revamp Lara has undergone in the video above so that she appears more lifelike; I decided that I would take inspiration from the ‘first kill’ version with a hint of the look she has in the initial concept art. To achieve this look I bought a Halloween family make-up kit as recommended in the Youtube video by Tomb Raider Cosplayer Sara Croft; mostly because I found her tutorial to be incredibly easy and highly effective in achieving the look that Lara has.


Before I started to add anything from the Halloween kit however, I thought that it would be best to apply my own regular base like I do with my everyday make-up in order to hide any imperfections and make me appear more photo-ready. I felt this way because I am prone to having rather oily skin, so I use a liquid base foundation and then add a powdered matte finish on stop in order to stop my skin from appearing shiny; which is something I definitely do not want on the day of the convention or during the competition to be a distraction from the rest of my ‘bloodied’ Lara make-up. As Lara’s make-up is kept to minimum, I decided to only apply a little bit of eyeliner so that if I was to be photographed my attendees they would be a lot clearly to see. I kept my hair pulled back as I applied this make-up so that I could recreate the look without any excess hair getting in the way.


After I applied my own make-up base, I then copied the instruction from the tutorial I posted in my last video by adding a mix of black and green facepaint to sections of my face with a sponge gently to create a dirty look to my complexion. As Lara has quite a big gash on her forehead in the concept art, I always thought this really showed just how much she experiences in the game. Which is why replicated this by adding fake-blood to my forehead and allowing it to drop down until it dried where in which I then reapplied the facepaint so that the cut looked painful and a lot more realistic.


Once this was done, the next bit was to recreate the cut on Lara’s nose. This part of the make-up has really become quite the little trademark among Lara Croft cosplayers and so I really wanted to keep this aspect in order to appear more recognizable. What is great about the Halloween kit that I have is that it comes with liquid latex which is obviously known for being perfect as recreating rather unsightly wounds. Although its hard to see from the image, to make this cut appear more realistic and lifelike I applied dabs of the latex on to the top of my nose and kept reapplying until the latex had dried; once this was done I then added more fakeblood which made the appear to look more like a deep cut. With the nose completed, I simply then added yet more fake-blood to the side of my mouth much like the concept art of Lara.


With the majority of the make-up done, I really wanted to make it look as though my body had experienced quite the ordeal and felt that if I applied scrapes and scratched to certain parts of my face this could be achieved. The make-up kit also contains a slightly smaller sponge that when smudged along the skin with fake-blood and black facepaint, this creates a sort of scratched appearance present; and so I used this method on my cheeks, forehead and under my chin and neck. Which pretty much completed my make-up for Lara Croft with the exception of finally applying a darker lipstick to solidify my look as the revamped next-gen version of Lara. I pulled my hair back and backcombed it to create the messy hairstyle that Lara has in-game.

Looking at how the make-up had turned out in the pictures above, I feel that I recreated Lara’s look quite well. Obviously this is only my first try with experimenting with the look but I feel as though it made me feel more comfortable with getting in to character. However, I think that on the day of the convention I will definitely prefect this look by adding a lot more dirt and blood so that it is on par to how Lara looks in the ‘First Kill scene I am cosplaying as; along with also using more of the liquid latex when applying more cuts and bruises to my arms and chest. With the competition only days away now however, my main focus up until Sunday will be becoming more comfortable with acting like Lara so that I stay true to the notion of Cosplay in ‘becoming’ the character.


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