Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2013 Cosplay: Quiver.

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quiver 2


As said in my previous post, to go along side my bow and arrow it is essential that I replicate Lara’s quiver as well. I touched on in my last post how anxious I was to be starting this prop because I really didn’t have much of an idea of how I could go about making it; especially as I am not very experienced with making props out of fabric. I have also been quite worried about how much money I have already spent to make this costume and so I really wanted to make this scratch for financial reasons as well as a way of progressing my crafting skills. I had looked at quiver tutorials online, but in my personal opinion I really felt as though they didn’t look much like the quiver used in game. When looking at the quiver Lara uses in game and also studying the quiver that my own Play Arts Kai figure of Lara the quiver looks to be made from leather than a simple form of fabric.


However, a few days ago I was staring at the packaging that my arrows arrived in which was cylinder shaped much like the quiver itself. I then realised that as I know I had been having trouble thinking of how I could make the shape of the quiver itself, I thought that if I cut the packaging in half I could then use it as a template and make the quiver around the packaging so that the arrows would be held in place properly. I also really wanted to recreate the weathered look of Lara’s quiver which looked to me as though it was made of leather, and while looking online I found that the most durable and least expensive fabric that would create a leather look was upholstery which I got for under £10.


As I have mentioned before, my creative skills are not the greatest when it comes to sewing; and I also don’t have the time nor a sewing machine to keep the fabric in place using that kind of method; which meant that I had to keep it together around the packaging using another alternative. The only solution that I came up with was to hold the leather with superglue and elastic bands; which I have to say was not ideal in terms of craftsmanship but it was the only material that I could really afford in such a short time frame. I wrapped the leather around the cylinder packaging until I created the shape that I wanted; then I placed superglue down where the material met and ended while holding it together with elastic bands so that it would stay in place while it dried.



Once the glue had dried to hold the leather in place, I then studied the overall look of the quiver itself in-game; which looked as though it had experienced some wear and tare throughout the game’s narrative. To make this prop look similar, I used a white acrylic at the top and applied it using a sponge in order to recreate the ‘padded’ appearance it seems to have in screen-shots. I then weathered the rest of the leather using a similar method with light and dark brown acrylic and finished the prop itself by then tying pieces of string around it much like the screen-shot above and finally painting the string so that it didn’t look quite as clean cut.



Although I had a lot of mixed feelings about creating the quiver for this Cosplay, I’m actually pleasantly surprised with how it has turned out. I’m still quite appalled to think that I only merely stuck the leather together using superglue, but I feel that because the quiver doesn’t look perfect that it actually adds to the weathered look its supposed to have; its very evident that with this Cosplay that perfection isn’t really key. I plan to wear this quiver over my body by using an old belt that I have so that I can carry the arrows without any hassle when attending conventions. With the majority of the props and costume now completed, I going to focus on recreating the wounds and make-up that Lara has in the game in order to make it similar to the scene that I want to depict her from.

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