Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2013 Cosplay: Hair and Make-up Research.

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Having nearly completed my costume for my Tomb Raider Reborn Lara Croft Cosplay, the final stages before I focus on characterization of Lara herself are to recreate her ‘survivor’ make-up and hair. Looking at the Youtube video and the first screen-shot above, the scene that I want to depict Lara from results in her being completely splattered in the face by the aggressive opponent who meets his ultimate demise; and seeing as I want to be close to this scene as possible, I will obviously need to look the same. However, as I’ve been looking at tutorials online for her hair and make-up there doesn’t seem to be a particular one that caters to this scene; which is understandably due to the high maintenance of fake blood on Lara’s face being hard to recreate accurately.

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For many existing cosplays of Lara, the make-up tends to be similar to the look that Lara has in the concept art in the image above. I have to say that I really like this look for Lara as it shows her completely reborn as a survivor and its not just her face that is dirty and bruised; and it makes me wonder if I should try and create a mixture of both looks so that she is all the more recognizable to attendees of the convention. It is also another trend that a number of Lara Croft Cosplayers tend to blend a number of looks based off the concept art and gameplay (seen in Cosplay Photography images above) as it gives them a little more creative freedom while also pointing out Lara’s experience throughout the game.



However with the new next-gen consoles released last year, Lara was given a slight revamp even further with the release of the ‘Definitive’ version of the new game; in which Lara’s graphics were improved to make her appear more life-like . In my opinion, her new look is far better than how she appeared in the game released last year; and I even think that she looks facially much more like how she is represented in the motion-captured launch trailer. The only real difference is that her lips are much more darker, which I’m guessing is to compliment her original make-up seen in the previous games or even to give more emphasis on her lack of make-up altogether. Which is why I slightly feel as though copying the concept art much like other cosplayers have done previously comes across as a bit outdated. With that being said, another option that I could take inspiration from is the ‘Definitive’ version of Lara so that I can appear as a more life-like and realistic version of the character.

Obviously with the definitive version of Lara fast becoming more and more recognizable, I am really leaning towards creating make-up that compliments this new and improved look for her; especially as I haven’t seen any other cosplayers try to attempt this look in particular. With our favourite Tomb Raider looking this way throughout the Definitive edition of the game, I am sure that I can find the key scene that I have initially wanted to Cosplay as for Em-Con  and Wales Comic Con from the start.

Nevertheless, I can still draw inspiration from Cosplayer make-up tutorials online so that I can see just what materials I will need to help me achieve this look. My favourite tutorial by far is one that I found on the Youtube by a vlogger named Sara Croft, who actually has a website full of tips and tutorials on how to Cosplay as Lara Croft herself. The tutorial itself is incredibly easy and isn’t at all expensive to achieve as the Halloween make-up kit that she recommends for Lara’s dirty look is only £3 on Amazon which is fantastic. The kit also includes a great amount of fake-blood and liquid latex which therefore means that I can even go as far as to cover the rest of my body with all the wounds Lara obtains within the game.

Now that I have had a good look as to what choices I have to go from, I need to experiment with the make-up so that I can be as accurate as possible with my Lara Croft cosplay. In my opinion I think that once this has been decided it will really help me feeling more comfortable with getting in to character for the Em-Con Cosplay Competition.

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