Exhibition: Choosing Images to Display

Next week we will be once again heading back to the Corn Exchange at 10am so that each of us in the year can choose which space we want our images to be displayed. This is something that I must admit I’m not entirely picky about where my images get displayed, mostly because the Corn Exchange as a venue is so big in size that I feel for my work it wouldn’t really matter as it would still be noticeable among other’s work. I also feel that if others want to display their images in a particular way then I would be happy to let them do so and simply decide where my images go based on what alternatives I would be left with. This might be appear slightly lazy to some, however I feel that due to the subject of my images that I want to include in the exhibition they would be eye-catching enough to be noticed despite wherever they were put; but I guess this is something that I will have a clearer idea of once we are actually there.

Since starting this module, I have wanted to display the images that I took last semester for my editorial photography module which was based on Cosplay photography. I was really pleased with how the images turned out quality-wise for this module and I can honestly say that I feel it is my best work despite also taking in to consideration possibly displaying images from my project implementation for this exhibition as it is precisely the same theme. Although this would be something that I could choose to do quite easily, I feel that it is not really practical to take new images as it could be counter-productive and would solely revolve around the dates that I am attending comic-conventions; which would simply not be completed in time for the exhibition.

While at the venue next week, we must photograph the space that we have been allocated while also mark down different sized sheets of paper in order to help visualize how our images will be displayed. I feel that this is a really good idea for all of us because it will help us envision how much space we will have the freedom to play with while also helping us decide just how many images we will be able to display as well. Before when I was picking the images that I wanted to display, I had really little to go on for how many I could choose but by doing this I will have a clearly idea of how many I can have and ultimately decide how I want them to be displayed on the day of the exhibition.

We were also told that by the following week we should produce a mini-scale model of what we want our exhibition piece to look like. Although I’m developing my skills in crafts and making due to my Cosplay project, this has be quite worried as I really haven’t got much of an idea of how I want to show my work to people; and I feel that I don’t want it to be overly complicated nor too simple so I will need to do some hard research in to this before I start making it. I know that the lecturers are not looking for anything overly fancy in the making of the model, but I want to be able to make whatever idea I come up with to be clear so that they can give me constructive feedback. Having initially only wanting to really display my work on the wall, I’m thinking now due to being asked to produce a model I really need to reconsider what the theme of my photographs are, and ultimately how I can make this theme come across to the attendees of the exhibition itself. I know that this will be fairly time consuming and so I should start to think of some ideas over the next few days.

Although we have all had some of our work printed and mounted before from our first year, we were never actually apart of this process and so when we were asked what time of file format we should have the images displayed and printed in not many of us were very clear about it. For me, it has been nearly 4 years since I did any printing or mounting work from way back when I was doing A-Level photography and I can honestly say that I don’t really remember much about it myself; and so clearly this is something that many of us will need help with if we decide to produce it print-based. I have toyed with the idea of maybe using projection only momentarily, but I really feel as though this is also something that wouldn’t really work well given the theme of my photographs; and so print is really the only option I have left. I would also be slightly worried about doing something like projection because I would be unsure of how I could keep it looking professional despite its preferred unconventional tendencies; also be constantly anxious as to whether or not it suffer from technical difficulties or even if it was safe.

Ultimately, even though these are all things that I should be starting to really give some thought to; I can’t really decide on a definite idea for how I want my work to be displayed until I see what space I have been allocated. This is something that I will only know for sure by the end of next week’s session.


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