Cosplay Article Interview Questions.

As part of my final project implementation, I have decided that within the ‘Convention Issue’ of Geek Magazine that I have proposed to add an interview article with Cosplayers to help promote the notion of craftsmanship. Due to this, I have been in contact with a couple of Cosplayers through Twitter and other social media such as Facebook who are also attending both Em-Con and Wales Comic Con with a few respondents already. As this is the hybrid assignment that I am working on, I am hoping to get as many interviews as possible so that I will be able to pick between who I want to photograph on the day of these particular conventions.  Below is the interview questions which have been slightly tweaked that I created from last semester for which I feel still applies as being eligible for this interview article.


What was also lucky was that due to tagging Em-Con’s twitter profile to my tweet I actually ended up getting a reply from the volunteers at the convention itself; in which they offered to let me interview one of their spokespersons about the world of Cosplay. Its great to hear that the convention is keen to promote Cosplay and by doing so allowing me to interview them so I feel incredibly grateful because of that. It also means that I will probably have to create a new set of questions that will be a generalization of Cosplay to introduce to the demographic of Geek Magazine.

. What got you interested in Cosplay? Was it influenced by fellow Cosplayers or was it through the comic/gaming/film characters themselves?


. Is it more about meeting other fans and having fun with friends while creating a costume? Or for simply the love of the character for you that makes Cosplay so appealing as a hobby?


.How many other conventions have you attended and participated in Cosplay?


. Who are your favourite characters to Cosplay as?


.Do you prefer to copy a specific character’s outfit perfectly or do you like to create your own interpretation?


.How Long does a costume usually take to make for you? Do you make them from scratch or do you use a majority of in-store products to make the costume?


.What other characters are you hoping to tackle in the future? 


. What does the role of craftsmanship in Cosplay mean to you personally? And do you feel as though its a crucial aspect of the sub-culture?

 I am still looking for Cosplayers to interview and so if any of my followers would like to volunteer my e-mail is; or you can follow me on my Twitter account.


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