Comic Convention Research: Em-Con and Cosplay Competitions.

As I have already stated previously about my project implementation, I have decided to attend a convention dressed as Lara Croft in order to fully experience the craftsmanship side of Cosplay. Having also looked at when the Wales Comic Con is being held (27th of April), and my deadline is only a couple of weeks after this, I feel as though it might be leaving this article a little too late to put together. Therefore, I think it might be best for me to buy tickets for another convention slightly earlier than this so that I am giving myself as much time as possible to write and produce that article along with the others as part of my implementation proposal.

Over the next coming weeks I will be doing my best to research everything there is to know about the revitalized Lara Croft in hopes that I will make a costume that will be as accurate as possible. However before I start to document on that, I must look at other alternative conventions that are accessible to me in the time that I have.


Over the past few weeks since I presented my pitch presentation, I have been regularly checking the website  ‘Comic Conventions’; of which keeps convention goers in the know about upcoming sci-fi and comic book conventions here in the UK. As you can see from the screencap above, there are quite a few conventions before the Wales Comic Con at the end of April; however there is a  slight problem. Although there may be a great deal I can choose from on this list the big concern that I have for many is the travel expense on top of making the Lara Croft costume and ticket itself. Attending the supposed convention would be ideal as it means that I don’t have to rely on another person for my transportation as well as it being the fastest way of me getting there. However as train pricing are getting more and more expensive attending a convention that is fairly cheap travel-wise is the only option I have.

London Super Comic Con would be a great place to go as there would be a great number of Cosplay attractions to help write all my articles. I imagine that at a convention in such a big city there would be a wide range of Cosplay from Comics, TV, Films and Games; which would really help in terms of my photography for the photo-spread as well as finding cosplayers to interview. As you can also see from the Youtube video above, the calibre of Cosplay at this convention is some of the best in the country and would be amazing to capture this for my article as it highly promotes the craftsmanship side. Despite this, it is unfortunate that the tickets themselves and the transportation is really out of my price range considering how much money I am going to have to save in order to make my costume and props. I would also have to stay overnight as well given the fact that the convention runs for the whole weekend, which would make the trip there far too costly and so I will have to look at something else.

One of the other conventions running on the same weekend as the London Super Comic Con is Nottingham’s very own Em-Con. This is a convention that I have been aware of for quite sometime, however I was unsure of whether or not I would be going to it this year due to Uni commitments; but given the fact that I must find another convention to attend soon this looks like a suitable option for me to reconsider. The ticket prices are £8 for the day with the optional after party being an extra £5, which is price that I am willing to pay for; and the convention itself will also be putting on its very first ‘Cosplay Competition’ which also shows that the expectation in the number of Cosplayers attending is thought to be relatively high…and has also given me an idea.

I have been thinking over the past week about what I want this photo diary article to project to the demographic of Geek Magazine; and I feel that there is really no point in going to all this trouble of making a costume unless I am going to compete in a competition. So I have decided (although I must say anxiously) to attend Em-Con and enter myself in to its Cosplay Competition; so that I gain a full understanding of what craftsmanship in Cosplay is all about in its entirety. I have to be honest in saying that I am absolutely terrified of being judged on stage and attempting to portray Lara Croft, however I feel that the experience will make me appreciate all the more how much time and effort goes in to Cosplay; and who knows, maybe I might win something ha!

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