Venue Visit: Corn Exchange and Tetley Brewery.

Last week our year met at the Corn Exchange in Leeds city centre so look at it as a potential venue for our exhibition. They seemed incredibly keen to display our work and it looked as though it would be a fantastic venue to host the exhibition as it was very spacious and was easy to find.


As you can see from the image above, (not taken by me due to my phone acting up!) the corn exchange is a very eye-catching venue which will give an air of professionalism to attendees of both the private viewing and the exhibition itself.


The space in the Corn Exchange that we would be able to showcase our work would be the lower section as seen in the picture above; where in which the restaurant used to be. Within this section of the building there is also a number of ‘caves’ where some students may want to place some of their work according to particular themes and style that are similar to others as well. Although being incredibly spacious which is perfect for the number of students displaying work, the bottom section seems to be very dark and so we would need to provide appropriate lighting in order to compliment the photographs. There is a great sense of authenticity with the Corn Exchange that I personally feel you can’t really replicate in somewhere like a gallery or warehouse, its a standout venue that would help showcase not only the great number of work displayed, but also help promote the venue itself.

Tetley Brewery

As some of the members of my group were also apart of the fundraising, we decided that we would also go along with them so that no one missed out on seeing this venue we had also taken in to consideration.  One of the members of the fundraising group e-mailed the brewery to let them know we were interested but unfortunately had not specified what day and time we would be attending; however after looking at the Corn Exchange, we walked over the brewery itself. One of the aspects to me that stood out was how long it took us to walk to the venue, and especially if potential attendees weren’t familiar with Leeds I was concerned that they would have trouble finding the brewery as it was quite out from the city centre and near the Royal Armories. It was definite that you would also have to get a taxi to it as well especially as buses weren’t frequent in that area which could be pricey and deter people from attending.

What we all agreed on first was that the building was a marvel to look at from the outside, it appeared to be spacious enough for 44 people to display there work from the looks of things and the fact that it also had a good car park gave us high expectations all the more. However, once we got inside our minds changed almost immediately as the layouts of each room appeared erratic and uneven which was not ideal considering we needed 10 A2 images from each student. There was also a gallery that we were shown downstairs but we also felt that the room would be far too small in comparison to the Corn Exchange. The only positive aspect that we liked was the fact that the brewery had a bar and kitchen and so we wouldn’t have to worry about providing alcohol and food. Once we had spoken to curator she also told us that they were heavily booked up and if were interested we would have to pitch our exhibition to a board, which we felt would be far too time consuming given that we only have until May to produce the exhibition.

Overall, we were greatly disappointed with what Tetley Brewery had to offer and we all agreed that the Corn Exchange would be a far better fit to hold our work. The Corn Exchange really fits the criteria from my last post perfectly and we have been given a realistic price in terms of renting the venue at £600 which would work out to £35 each once food and drink were introduced.

Next week we have to give feedback to the other groups about our finding of our chosen venue. This will be a little presentation saying the good and bad points of the venue and if we felt it would be a suitable contender to hold our exhibition. Also during this time my group and I will be having our first meeting and planning our what needs to be done first in regards to the press release.

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