Session One: Outline of Module.

To go along side with out main project implementation and extended essay, as a year group we are also required to produce an exhibition of our work.

The Aim:

While working together as a year group, produce a photographic exhibition to a standard that is professional.

Although I will be the first to admit that I prefer the writing aspect of journalism than the photographic side, I would say that with this exhibition module this would be an ideal way to show clients that I am willing and more than able to photograph to a professional standard. My lecturer did however say that there could be an option to mount examples of my writing instead of my photography, but I felt that this would confuse the exhibition attendees and make me appear as though I could only do the writing. Although I expect that when I graduate I will be mostly working on written journalism as opposed to photographic, I feel that this kind of module will force me yet again to make the quality of my photography much better than it has previously been.

Finding a venue for everyone’s work.

This is a crucial aspect of making our exhibition successful. As we are a group of 44(?) students  who will be producing around ten images per individual it is essential that we find a venue in which we can show everyone’s work accordingly; while still being able to promote the exhibition without the venue overthrowing any preconceived ideas about what our pieces will be like. A prime venue for this already has been the Corn Exchange in Leeds city centre; however at the moment we are still in the process of bouncing ideas off each student. It is also important that we find somewhere which shows everyone’s work in equal light, without some students arguing over where the best place would be in the venue to show their work.

Putting everyone in to groups that will organize key aspects of the exhibition itself.

Who will do the funding? Budgeting? Promoting? or Transport? These are things that we as a year will need to break down in the small groups who will therefore be in charge of particular aspects of the exhibition. For me, while in this session I was quite apprehensive as to which group I would fit in to; as I will admit that our year have a real problem with communication due to the fact that we were split up in to 2 groups at the start of our first year. Ideally, I would like to do something with promoting the exhibition than helping with fundraising or budgeting as I feel these are not part of my strengths; I will be the first to admit that maths wasn’t exactly something I was great at in school. So with budgeting or fundraising I would feel  too pressured to make sure my calculations were correct; which a stress that I honestly feel I do not need in this last semester. So something along the lines of working on the social media or press release I would feel most comfortable with as it would enable me to perfect my copywriting.

Venue Checklist:

Below is the list of aspects that the venue needs to cover:

  • Good Spacing
  • Easy Access- does it have disabled access? Is it easy to find? Parking etc.
  • Lighting
  • Bar/Catering-Does it serve alcohol and food which would save hiring catering?

Below is a list of what we as a year must think about before choosing our venue:

  • Cost-Free or is there an exhibition fee?
  • Transport-How will we get our work to the venue?
  • How will we display everyone’s work equally

Initial Display Ideas:

We have been given full reign on how we display our work, which obviously depends on what work we want to include in this exhibition. However, some options that have arisen already are projection, canvas which would show everyone’s work in a professional manner, or even outside depending on the weather. It has been advised that the more intricate the display of our work is, the more eye-catching it will also be to the attendees; so this is something that I should definitely keep in mind.

Possible Venues:

  • Galleries- An obvious choice for holding an exhibition, however this might be too expensive.
  • Theatres-Spacious for displaying our work, again may be too costly
  • Warehouses-Spacious and possibly free?
  • Corn Exchange- Incredible space for our work, easy to find, would achieve appropriate amount of attendees.

Possible Work to display:

As you know, I have been focusing my final year project on the world of Cosplay. I feel that this would be great to display as my contribution to the exhibition as it is such a visual and intricate subject; which also shows the best of photographic ability. Although I will be taking pictures of cosplayers for my project implementation, I cannot predict what kind of quality these will turn out to be and so I should look again at the images I produced last semester and see them as a kind of back-up if I am not happy with any shots I take in the future.


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