Pitch Presentation and Feedback.







pitch6 pitch7









pitch16 pitch17




Above you can see the finished version of my pitch presentation that I presented to my lecturer on Monday. Putting together this pitch was a lot harder than I initially thought mostly because I found it difficult to explain everything in each slide in such a short amount of sentences; which I know will sound slightly strange, however from what I’ve gathered from experience it is better to keep writing in presentations to a minimum so that it doesn’t overthrow the audience. It was also slightly nerve-wrecking because I wanted to get my idea across as accurately as I could, and so because I am not used to public speaking in such a formalized situation I wrote down a script for each slide so that I wouldn’t forget any points I wanted to make to help sell my idea. Overall, my lecturer found my idea to be really impressive in both topic and the idea of how I would incorporate this in my project implementation. He told me that the demographic for such a topic was perfect and that it was a realistic idea that I had presented to him; with only advising me to keep the same amount of passion that I spoke with in my writing as well. I have to say that I was really pleased that my idea came together really well in this presentation despite my anxiety towards actually pitching it; which means I am free to get on with writing and planning my implementation and report back to my lecturers in week 8 of the semester.

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