Project Implementation and Pitch Breakdown.

As part of my Project Implementation, my final semester consists of presenting a pitch of what assignment I am planning to produce as a piece of journalism revolving around my chosen topic of Cosplay. This pitch is to be of a professional standard as we have been given the task of producing and presenting it as if we were showing to potential clients. As I already know that my potential publication for the articles that I would like do fall under Geek Magazine, I am to imagine that my pitch is to be shown to them as though I was selling my feature.

Planning to do a number of articles instead of just one in this pitch will help show clients my versatility in my journalism writing and is definitely something that I could show as part of my portfolio; especially seeing as I will also be doing the layout and photography for this implementation as well. It will show that I can not only write, but that I can edit, design, recreate and capture my work in a decisive manner proving that I am more than willing to tackle work that I have not come across before. Although I have done some layouts before in my previous work, this is not something that I feel I am overly comfortable with, however through this implementation I hope that it will enable me to through myself in to designing and recreating a format and layout that is the same to Geek Magazine’s look as this is definitely something that I really want to get better producing.

With this idea progressing, I will need to keep in mind what exactly the quality is like of Geek Magazine, as I am looking to make a replica of their printed publication, not their online one. Also, as it is officially an American pop-culture magazine, I will need to have a look at a copy of the UK version so see what type of language they use and whether or not it is formal or informal. As their demographic really ranges from around 20-40 and consists of topics that readers would need to have a good understanding of, I would say that the writing will need to be more formal than informal and something that such a large age range can all relate to. This is something that I don’t think I will have much of a problem with, as I like to think that my articles tend to come across as quite formal in its writing anyway.

As my articles for this special feature of Geek Magazine are to be an interview page and a photo-diary, the amount of word in each copy will also need to be quite lengthy. In theory, this shouldn’t really be much of a problem as the interview spread will fill up the 3000 word count quite a bit; however I will need to remind myself not to make it too lengthy as the video diary of my journey through making and completing my very own cosplay will be fairly long anyway due to the conceiving of my initial idea and the actual making process. By this time as well I will be able to add anything left to the word count by adding captions to the double-page photo spread that I plan to do of cosplay photography.

After looking at the module guide and speaking to my tutor about the pitch, my impression is that the structure of the pitch will go something like this:

Subject: Cosplay 

  • What is it?
  • How is it relevant to pop-culture?

Approach: Geek Magazine ‘Comic-Con’ Special with Cosplay Feature

  • What is it?
  • History
  • Relevancy to pop-culture?
  • Demographic
  • How does Cosplay tie-in to this publication?
  • Special with cosplay feature which will have a range of articles and photography
  • Introducing the idea of cosplay through interviews
  • Photo feature set out as a double-page spread of Cosplay photography as conventions
  • Auto-biographical Photo-diary of Cosplay journey from initial idea to making to presentation at convention itself.

Quality of Journalism?

  • Writing based on Geek Magazine’s chosen audience and demographic
  • Target Market

How it will look/Overall look of Artifact.

  • Mock-up layouts of how each article feature will look using existing publications and articles
  • Mock-up of articles using previous work

To begin my research for both my implementation and pitch, I will need to consider the following before presenting them on Monday:

Locations of Photography-Pop-culture conventions. The cosplayers will need to be dressed as recognizable so that the demographic will find the photography eye-catching.

Interview format-Through e-mail in order to enable Cosplayer the change to answer each question as honestly and as informatively as they can. I will be looking for Cosplayers who have found this sub-culture through different ways and who Cosplay as both characters from TV, Film,Comics and Video Games so that readers will find them relatable and interesting and so will feel encouraged to read this feature within the magazine special. I also feel that due to the demographic being unisex and relevant to my research report from the first semester, I think it would be better if I had both male and female cosplayers from different ages interviewed; once again so readers will be able to find a sense of like-mindedness within these pages.

Technical Aspects– This piece of work is incredibly ambitious, especially as I will not only be documenting other cosplayers work, but also the journey of my very own Cosplay. For this I need to make sure that my photography is up to the standard seen in Geek Magazine and other forms of Cosplay Photography; as well as possibly needing other to assist me with carrying any Cosplay props I wish to take with me on the day of the convention. This will also be the case if convention goers ask if they can take a picture with me, due to this I will need someone to hold my things while my pose for photograph opportunities as well. Another technical consideration would be what sort of program I will be using in order to recreate the look of Geek Magazine’s printed publication; for this I will obviously be using InDesign, and so will need to brush up on my layout skills before going ahead with the layout of the piece itself.

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