Initial Ideas for Project Pitch and Implementation.

Before last semester had ended, I wanted to do base my final project implementation on Cosplay with the 5000 word and 5 image assignment. This was mostly due to the fact that I felt my writing was far better than my photography and with this being my final project I wanted play to my strengths.

My initial idea for this project implementation was to create an magazine feature based on the world of Cosplay for the american publication called Geek magazine, which from the research that I had gathered before implicated that this publication’s demographic fitted this particular niche in fandom. Looking back at the pitch that I had presented over the last semester, this implied that the magazine feature would be a fly on the wall overview of the sub-cultures of craftsmanship and sex appeal with cosplay, which from my research showed that there was a relationship between the two.  I wanted to include interviews and commentary from other cosplayers that would firstly introduce readers to the hobby and then educate them in this argument.

I wanted to challenge myself and tackle this project with an interesting and thought-provoking subject within the cosplay world; as from what I gathered in my research was more than just a mere act of dressing, but embodying the character as a whole. This to me was fascinating to read about as it showed me just how much effort and skill is required to create just outfits and what this can only be achieved from the sheer love of a character of franchise that they belong to. However, I also wanted to show my different skills of writing when it came to journalism, and so making a so-called ‘Comic-Con’ special in which I would handle the cosplay feature of this I would be able to write a range of different articles that differed in style, but ultimately came back to the subject at hand.

However, now that I am at this stage in my final year I must say that this initial idea is quite flawed. This is mostly due to the fact that I feel as though this subject is far too visual to have most of the implementation be writing, with only 5 images being produced for it. I personally feel as though it would be best if I chose to do 3000 words and 15 images instead as I think this would help promote cosplay to the readers of Geek Magazine in a way that they would have a further understanding of why many fans are drawn in to in the first place.

What I need to think about now is what kind of articles would fit in to a special of this publication and also whether or not to change my assignment to have an equal amount of images to the writing. Luckily I have a meeting with my tutor this week and so I am hoping that through speaking with her I can brainstorm some more ideas through her advice and guidance.


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