User Availability Feedback

After my last post, I felt that it would be a good idea to get some feedback from my followers through Twitter as to me this was the type of audience that I wanted to attract. As mentioned in the previous post, I had thought it might be good to get feedback from friends and family; however like I said I did not feel as though they would give me feedback that was honest. So, I decided to post a Tweet about my upcoming portfolio to see what people thought and what they’d like me to improve on; whether it be the content itself or the overall layout and design of the site itself. Seeing as my followers on Twitter are mostly contacts that I have made through my blog and work experience, I knew that they would give me honest feedback and wouldn’t be biased or inclined to only say the positive aspects of it.


After waiting a little while, I had quite a large number of feedback in regards to the online website. Most of my followers thought that the content was the right amount, although some mentioned that there should be a little more photography on there to balance out my written journalism; which I have taken on board. Others said that the navigation was easy and simple to use however they felt that the layout could be polished up a little more; especially as many commented on the fact that the text on the pages were quite hard to read due to the colour and font. Some also commented that the background picture seems to look a little pixelated once you entered the site from the landing pages; so this is something that I should think about resizing.

Things to change for next time:

  • Add more photography
  • Add content curation
  • Tidy up layout to make it look a little bit more presentable
  • Change colour and font of text to make it more readable
  • Resize background image

These are things that I feel if I change then my target audience will appreciate and find the overall portfolio to seem a lot more professional. Overall I am happy that they think the content is good and that the site itself is very easy to navigate; I just now need to make a few changes to the website and add a little more content and then I should hopefully be finished.


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