Content Curation.

One of the essential aspects of my online portfolio for this module is to add a content curation. As I had already done an online curation of a story I felt fairly confident about adding this to my site. I think I was lucky in comparison to other students on my course as I already know exactly which particular aspect of journalism that I want to go in to in that of Film or possibly Fashion journalism. As this was the case, I thought that doing a curation based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be quite an interesting and innovative story to gather information on as there is so much content online based around it. Also, I chose to write about this particular subject because I could definitely see myself writing something very similar if I was to be working in the film journalism industry professionally.

From the work that I did last year based around online curations, this is simply an exercise of gathering relevant information from a wide range of sources and adding writing which is coherent to the content provided. As a did my curation last year centering around the first Hobbit film, this is something that I found relatively easy to write about due to the amount of external sources that could find. So I knew that as there are 9 movies so far that have been distributed through Marvel Studios that it shouldn’t be a problem finding different amounts of information.

I decided that it would be safer to use a site like Storify like I did last year, as it seemed like a reliable program to use once again. Storify is a great site to use for content curation as it contains different links to other social media such as Twitter, Youtube or Instagram; while also being able to embed other links that you may have gathered through research in to google. Which is very lucky as sometimes Storify has a tendency to annoyingly come up with a message that says ‘no results found’ if you type in certain key words. So because of this I used google on another tab to type in my chosen key words and then embed the URL that I had found in to the storify search engine and then I could find and add the links to my story with no problem at all.


At first, I wanted to start with the film that set the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in motion, Irom Man. I decided to include a variety of sources for this, including some exclusive content from featured on where they announced the release date of the film way back in 2007.


I then moved swiftly on to looking at the media coverage of Marvel’s next outing, The Incredible Hulk. All the while adding other sources from such social media sites such as Twitter and Youtube where I found teaser trailers, cast interviews and live coverage from each film’s premiere.



By using this these different external links, I was able to find reviews of the films and behind the scenes information about casting and other news.


Using storify’s image search through Google, I was able to find some really interesting shots from each of the films set and production; which I later adding captions to so that the curation appeared more like an online article.

professionalportfolio47 professionalportfolio48


Using Storify, I was even able to find articles based around the merchandise and marketing of each film and how this formula differed from each country the films were released in.





I felt that it might be easier and better to read if I didn’t write something under each external source that I had gathered. This was mostly because I thought that the online story itself might lose steam and its flow after a while with it being such a long article; so I thought It would be best to write some copy every two or three sources found.

As I had already exceeded the amount of pages that I create on portfoliobox, I wasn’t sure that there would be any other alternative than to link this up to my site without embedding the HTML on to a screen shot of the curation. This is extremely annoying as I was worried that if I was to do this then I couldn’t add many more images on to my photography page as I didn’t have that many left; but I saw not other alternative because I was most certainly not going to upgrade to pro for £50!

Despite this, I took a screenshot of the header and copy of the curation to peak people’s interest. I then uploaded this on my portfolio’s Online Journalism page as this seemed to be the most appropriate place to include this curation.


After uploading the screenshot, I then added the HTML code in to the full text box of the image itself.


This is how the screenshot looks on the site at the moment. Although I would have liked to have added it in through a sub-page on this part of my site, I do think it looks a little better now that there’s an equal amount of online content. I’m really pleased that the screen-shot doesn’t look stretched or untidy in comparison to the others that I have uploaded so I feel that this is the best alternative that I could have done in the situation that I was in. The next thing I need to do now is add more photography for the photojournalism page so that it appears that I have an equal balance of both written and photographic journalism.


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