Adding more Photography to the Portfolio.

Last week at the Thought bubble Comic Book convention I asked a few cosplayers to take part in a min photo-shoot for my ‘Editorial Photography’ module. Below are the images that I personally feel are the best and I am hoping that I can fit them on to the photography aspect of my online portfolio.

DSC_0003 DSC_0039 DSC_0015 DSC_0030DSC_0082DSC_0047


Seeing as I don’t have many more images that I will be able to upload, I am really hoping that these will be ok as I am really proud of how they have turned out. Unfortunately, having just checked I will not be able to create a new sub-page within my portfolio’s photography addition and so I will have to rearrange some of the categories and delete some of the images so that I can upload these; thus creating a more well-rounded photography page in terms of style.


After looking over my photography on the site so far, I felt as though the Llandudno images were a little too similar to the Austerity ones, To me the Austerity images seemed a much better quality I decided to delete this images instead and changed the Llandudno title to Cosplay Editorial Photography instead. Luckily, because I had deleted the Llandudno images I was able to upload all the Cosplay Photography images that I had taken.


Once the images were then uploaded, I changed the title and description along with the thumbnail image of the page so that it was coherent to the images that I had uploaded.


This is how the page is now looking. Although I was not able to add this images through another sub-page like the others I am pleased with how they are looking on the site. I feel that it was better to delete the Llandudno shots and upload these instead as it not only shows the difference in style of photography I am willing to photograph but also how much I have improved in my photographic expertise since starting the course two years ago.

Now that I have finally added all of the content to my site, I am going to go back to the layout and design and tweak the problem points that the feedback from my followers pointed out.

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