Problems with Portfolio box

After logging on to portfolio box I came across a message saying that I had exceeded the amount of images that I could upload on to my site. This really worried me as I hadn’t finished adding all the content that I wanted to include in portfolio and after looking at the terms and conditions of upgrading would cost me £50 I was simply not in the position to even consider the idea of upgrading my account to pro. Understandably due to this I was in a bit of a panic and wasn’t sure how I was going to continue with creating my online portfolio. However, I noticed that if you refer friends to creating an account with the site you get an extra 10 images per person; so I was able to tackle this problem by sending a link to my friend’s e-mail and getting them to create their websites using portfolio box as well.

Luckily for now, portfolio box is still letting me create pages so I can upload images if I make them in to sub-pages on a section of the site and make the images the background so that they appear to look like a gallery page. This is something that I will have to continue to do from now on as I am not sure if everyone who I have referred will actually follow through and create an account as well. So for now I have to be careful about how many images I upload to each page.

I am also having a slight problem with where my portfolio redirects the viewer to after clicking on the landing page. For some reason it keeps redirecting you to the ‘Austerity’ page located on the photojournalism page, which I can only think is happening as it was technically the first page that I had created. This is really something that I need to get sorted out as if it continues to do this my portfolio may appear as unfinished or possibly difficult and confusing to navigate if it keeps locating people to this page after clicking on the landing page. I am hoping that I can change this once I start to look in to designing the real layout for my portfolio but for now I need to focus on adding more content.


In the meantime however, I have created a page that directs viewers to my blog so that they can see what other work I do if they are interested. From what I’ve seen on other portfolios, blogs are really a great way of showing clients how you came across certain projects and they can get more of an idea of your personality and your creative way of thinking if it is included on the site; which is why I decided to add one myself.


Once again, I thought it would be best if I screen-shot an image of the homepage of my blog so that people can see the kind of content that I post of there. I had considered possibly creating a new page with the blog layout, however I noticed that there was no way in which you could link it using that page and that it was mostly for future blog posts. And seeing as I have over 100 posts on my blog, I thought it would be a little stupid to copy and best everything from here on to this site.


Like I had done with the previous pages, I wanted to embed my blog in to the image so I chose to code my blog’s URL in to the HTML that I had created in the full text panel once the image was uploaded.


So now when people click on the image, they have the option to be redirected to the homepage of my blog and see the other content that I have.

Now that the final page on my menu has been created, I need to start thinking now about how I want my layout to be for certain. I also think I am going to change my landing page because as the moment it is simply the background that I have for all of my pages on my portfolio; which I think makes it look a bit dull. I think I am going to try and find a coloured image that I have taken so that its a nice contrast once viewers are directed to the rest of the portfolio.


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