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After looking back at a few other online portfolios that I included in research, I noticed that it was not uncommon to include press or events pages that the host of the site had been featured in. Seeing as this is really only another form of showcasing opportunities that people have been a part of from the success of their work I thought I could include a page like this for myself. In the fashion addition to this blog’s short life-span I have been able to take part in styling courtesy of online fashion company Chiara Fashion; where in which I was lucky enough to be invited down to their HQ and style their new A/W collection and be featured on their advertisement campaign in a photo-shoot. Seeing as fashion blogging/journalism is also something that I am interested in, I thought that I could include this if I made a press page and any further opportunities that I have like this hopefully in the future as this is quite uncommon for a fashion blog that has only been active for 6 months.  I thought that it would also showcase my styling abilities if I included the images from this day and the ad campaign that they decided to use for their Facebook page as it shows also that I not only like to work ‘behind the scenes’ but I’m not afraid to be in front of the camera either.

As you can see here in the image below, fashion blogger Sammy has included a ‘Press & Features’ page to her own site so that viewers can see what other work experience has stemmed from her creating her own fashion blog.



Fellow and notable fashion blogger Susie Bubble also contains a Press page on her site, which documents the magazines and photo-shoots that she has been included in.



I feel that these images above really show how successful these bloggers have become since their more humble beginnings of their sites; and it also makes clients more inclined to contact them if they have had this kind of experience before. Which is why I thought adding this page to my own online portfolio would make it appear professional and more precise in the target audience that I want attract

The images that I decided to include from this event were the following:

56f4ff981d4211e39dbc22000a1f9e59_7 _MG_7347 _MG_7364 _MG_7366 _MG_7441 _MG_7577  _MG_7431

I thought that it might be a good idea to also include images that the Chiara Fashion interns in them as they show that I am able to engage and work well with others and take direction from the photographer.

_MG_7510 _MG_7502 _MG_7669 _MG_7674


I also chose to include the advertisement that Chiara Fashion used on their Facebook page as they asked me if they could use the images in their marketing. Which is something that will  help generate to viewers of my site that my blog has been successful while also showing that it is something that I am incredibly proud of with the opportunities that have stemmed from it thus far.

After choosing the images that I felt were appropriate for this page, I uploaded them on to a sub-category gallery page that I created for ‘Press & Events’ much like the way in which I created my Youtube/Multimedia page. I felt that the advertisement image would be the best to use as the thumbnail because it not only included myself but also it showcased Chiara Fashion itself. I chose to keep the same layout for these images as the other pages that I have created so far so that it give the site a sense of an overall uniform look to make it seem more professional and organised. Also, I didn’t think it was entirely necessary or relevant to include any HTML embedding in the images as I would only embed a code that reverted back to my site or even to Chiara Fashion’s homepage; which I didn’t feel would be much point anyway as I am not included in the image on their store.






This is how the images are laid out on my site at the moment. I am extremely pleased with the way this page has turned out and I feel that it will aid me in showing my viewers how far my fashion blog has come from its more humble beginnings and hopefully will help them see more of what I am like as person in a professional environment. Although there is really only this shoot that I can put up on to my portfolio at the moment as I have not been to ASOS’ HQ in London yet from being an Asos Insider; I know that I have the potential to add to this page as my fashion blogging progresses. What I need to start to think about now is how I want my layout for the portfolio to look and also add one more page to the menu that features my blog as a whole so that people can look at my other work.

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