Layout & Design

As mentioned in the previous post, I have started to think about how I want my final layout and design to be for my online portfolio. At the moment, I’m happy with the background image being black and white as I feel its a nice contrast to the colour of the font and text and makes it look smart. However, I have decided to change my landing page completely because to me it keeping it the same as the background on the other pages comes across as a little bland and if I was simply looking at the site and it wasn’t my own I would personally think that it looks too bland.

I have had a look back at all the photography that I have done over the past two years and I have to say that the image below taken at Tropical World in Leeds is probably my favourite image I’ve ever taken. It was such a spir of the moment shot and I feel I was incredibly lucky to have got an image of the butterfly with its wings open at all. As it is such a colourful image I think it will look a really lovely contrast to the black and white design on my overall website once a viewer clicks on to it; and so I have changed by background to that.


Here is how it looks as the landing page of my portfolio at the moment in the image below. I feel that this is a far more striking image that the one that I had initially chosen for my landing page and really makes you stop to look at the image. I chose to put the text in the middle where the butterfly is so that people can see what it is that I am advertising being my work and I chose red and the handwriting font as it appears more dainty and delicate which I feel the image itself represents. I think that putting ‘Jess Healy’ instead of what most people refer to me online as ‘jessienoochies’ seems a lot more grown up and sophisticated so that people will take my portfolio seriously. I had thought that the a purple similar to the text on the rest of my sight might be a better colour but when I tried this it seemed to get lost in the image and did not read very well at all. I think the red is far more noticeable and due to the font being more like handwriting it doesn’t look bulky on the image itself.



So far, I’ve quite liked the way the purple looks against the black and white background. However, I am a little worried that people may not be able to see the next very well due to the nature of the background image. Below as you can see, I have tried to make the text appear to be more bolder, although I personally don’t think that this had made much of a difference and so I think that I may need to try and change the colour.


I have also thought that maybe I should change the font to be similar to the handwriting one that I have used on my landing page; however I think this would make it even harder to read. Although I think that what I may do is wait until I have been given some feedback on the layout before I change this.


One of the great tools that portfolio box has is its social media settings. Here, it is really easy to navigate how and what content you want to be enabled to share with your viewers. So far, I have added my Twitter account to this and the ability to tweet about my content as this is usually the most direct way of contacting me and can as informal/formal as you may want it to be. I have also added my Pinterest page because I feel once again this further shows potential viewers and clients what I am interested in and inspired by. I have also been thinking that I might create a facebook page for my site; however I worry that adding content to this might take up too much time and if it doesn’t have as many likes as I may like it to have, it could make the site appear unpopular and a little silly. Also, I have chosen not to add my Instagram page to the portfolio as I simply feel that is it not relevant and could come across as a little too personal for my liking; I think that if people really want to see what is on it they can come on my blog and look as I have a feed on my homepage here.


Here is how the social media settings appear on my portfolio, I have chosen to keep them black and white so that they look more in sync to the overall design of the website; although I’m not sure if they appear to be as eye-catching as they could be if they were to be in colour.

What I have decided to do next is ask my followers on Twitter and on my blog to take a look as my upcoming portfolio to see what they think of the content and the overall layout and design so I can get some honest feedback. I would usually ask friends or family to take a look at something like this, however I think that they would be biased and inclined to say only positive things about the site and not something constructive so that I can improve on certain things. Also, I think that this way would be better as my followers already know what I’m like and therefore my target audience, which is exactly who I want to attract.


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