Adding Youtube and Other Multimedia to Portfolio

After uploading my written journalism and photography on to the website, I wanted to add a multimedia addition to the portfolio as I felt this would show the other skills that I have obtained from my course over the last two years. As I have recently created a Youtube channel as part of my research for the ‘Project Plan and Pitch’ module where I have been uploading video diaries documenting my research along with adding my slideshow from the ‘Multiplatform Journalism’ as well; I thought that this would my portfolio that much more innovative.

When looking in to how I should create this page, the most obvious choice to me was to use the video page option for this particular addition to my site. However after I had created the page, I noticed that I couldn’t add more than one video which was incredibly disappointing as I wanted the page to look similar to the gallery pages that I had created previously. I had thought that if I was to create each video page as a sub-category this might counteract the problem of only having one video per page as give the illusion of it presenting a number of videos much like the gallery pages. But to me, I felt that this would look sloppy and unprofessional; especially as the Youtube channel had only been created a short time ago and having only but a few videos on there would look a little silly.


To solve this problem, I decided that the only option I had was to create this as a sub-page and screen-shot an image with the HTML link to my Youtube channel. I felt that seeing as this was a very visual aspect of my work that it would fit in perfectly with the photojournalism page and make it look as though it had a little more content that just the photographs that I had uploaded previously. However, before all of this could be done I had to make my Youtube channel look that much more presentable so that viewers would see that I use this as a professional outlet to showcase my work.



In order to make my channel appear more presentable for those who were to be viewing my portfolio, I added images that complimented my website’s colour scheme by choosing to use the shot that I had initially wanted as my background for my Youtube channel boarder. I then added a more precise and compact version of my ‘about me’ with the link to not only my up and coming site but also my blog so that people could see the other work that I provide updates on weekly to my new channel’s information page. The idea behind this was to make sure that people could see the different ways that I present my work and also how I use social media to promote it; which I felt would show clients that I am willing to use different mediums to showcase my work.


Much like I had done with uploading the printed and online journalism; I then edited the screenshot of my channel and uploaded it on to portfolio box and added in the custom HTML code so that when people wanted to view my channel they could with a simple click. I chose to screen-shot the channel with the boarder in sight along with my ‘about me’ addition to the channel so that people could see that this was my official channel with links to my blog and portfolio. I also added another screenshot with a list of the videos that I had uploaded so far which would be updated weekly when my channel would have more videos added to it.


So far, this is how the image is looking on the Youtube/Multimedia page. I have to say that I am not overly pleased with how this had turned out so far because the images are looking a little too stretched for my liking; which I have to say appears to make the page look rushed and unprofessional unfortunately. I think that I will have to come back to this page in the future after I have added the rest of my content to the site however, I am not entirely sure how I am going to tackle this problem especially as my free account on portfolio box is nearing the limit that I can add more pages to it. I feel that for now this is acceptable but I will try and come back to it once my site is nearly finished. I am however pleased that this gives my viewers a chance to look at my Youtube work where I have also included my ‘Multiplatform Journalism’ module’s slideshow of the ‘A/W Preview of Chiara Fashion’; which is also to be included in the essential criteria of my online portfolio.


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