Uploading Online and Printed Journalism

The next thing to uploading my content on to my website was the printed and online examples of my experience in journalism. Here, I thought it would be best to separate these two type of styles in to two pages so that it would look more organised and as though I had more content on my online portfolio. This is a crucial aspect of my website as I feel that my talent lies more in the writing than the photography side of photographic journalism and so these pages need to be carefully laid out in order to show the best examples of my ability.

At first, I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to upload these examples on to the site as I clearly could not fit the full length of these articles without it looking messy. I also really wanted to keep the articles looking as they are depicted and laid out online so that clients could see how they look on the sites that they are published on as well as showing my layout capabilities. For the reasons just mentioned, I decided not to simply copy and paste the text and instead chose to go a little further by screen-shotting an extract from each article and using HTML I could code the URL in to the image so that viewers could see the articles on the published sites in all their glory.


Here is an image that I screen-shotted from the Prometheus Review that I did for TheMetOnline. I decided it would be best to screen-shot a part of the article that had both a decent amount of text and some images in it so that it would appear eye-catching and more interesting to the viewer; while also showing the film that I was reviewing in the best way possible. I think that this screen-shot shows potential clients my natural structure and writing style, while also showing how I can layout my articles online.

As I hadn’t really learnt how to embed images properly before using HTML I decided to look it up online so that if I ever forgot or was confused by the coding system I could simply refer back to the guided that I had seen. I found this relatively easy guide on how to embed links in to images using HTML which I was pleased that they made it sound so easy.



Using the guide that I had come across, I copied and pasted the HTML link in to the full text box on the Online Journalism page where I had uploaded my screen-shot. After copying the HTML text from the site, I went back to the Prometheus Review page and copied the URL in to the HTML code and then wrote next to that coding the title that I wanted to pop up when people clicked on to the page.


This meant that if people want to see the full article they can be redirected back to that original URL where it is hosted without having to do this manually by finding the link themselves through a search engine such as Google.


As you can see from the image above, I have repeated this for each of my articles that are written and hosted for online use. So that now if anyone who wishes to see the full text they can with a few simple clicks on the image and link embedded inside it like in the image below. I feel that this is a sufficient way of showing example of my writing as it gives the viewer an idea of how the article looks online, as well as an inclination of what my writing style is like and the subject matter that I prefer to cater to. I think that this shows clients that I am very passionate about writing subject that are related to the film industry; so that I am not simply writing reviews of films and I have an understand of how the industry works as a whole.


The next aspect of adding my written journalism on to my website was to upload my printed journalism. As this was not already hosted online it would be relatively easier as I was not adding HTML coding in to the images of my printed work that I wanted to upload. I felt that the best way to show off my printed work was to once again upload the files as images I could present them as a kind of gallery page much like I have done for the online journalism page; enabling people who look at my portfolio to see all of my written journalism as once.

As the majority of my printed journalism were saved as PDF documents and these simply couldn’t be uploaded in the way I wanted them to be in that format; I decided to open them up in Photoshop and convert them to JPEGs images instead. This would enable me to not only upload them in the gallery page layout that I had chosen, but also upload each file simultaneously so I could see what the layout would look like and if I needed to change anything all at once.



Once I had converted these files in to JPEGs through Photoshop I began to upload them on to the site simultaneously. The image above depicts how the printed articles look in the gallery layout that I have chosen and once clicked on viewers would be able to see a close-up and read the articles just as clearly as they would on the PDF file format. I had considered whether or not to actually embed the PDF files in to the images so that they would be available for download; however, I feel that viewers could take advantage of that and possibly try and pass my work off as their own. Although I must say that it is lucky that I have decided not to do this and as a precaution I had watermarked the JPEG files’ data so that I can prove that this is actually my work.

Overall, I would say that this is the best way that I can show off my journalism to potential clients as it shows my work in an organised and creative fashion. My next task is now to add in my Multimedia addition to my portfolio such as my Youtube channel and Blog. I have also wondered if I should add a press page to my website as I have recently done some fashion styling and blogging work with an online fashion company Chiara Fashion. I thought it might be interesting to add this to my site as it shows that I have another outlet that I have been successful in and have even been lucky enough to be featured on their site in modeling and social media. However, I shall have to think about this and see if it is relevant to the target audience that I want to attract.


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