Website Content and Layout Inspiration.

For the past week, I have been really keen to start looking at websites that I may want to use as inspiration for my own online portfolio. As I primarily write articles and features that are film/entertainment and fashion based, I thought it would make sense to look at websites of those who are similar before I start to look at web hosting sites themselves.

In the last post I looked at portfolios that were mostly centred around the photography side of photojournalism. As I will be the first to admit I’m not as strong on the photographic side of this course, I want to look in to focusing on the writing side more hopefully in my future career. I know that the content that I write about mostly caters to mostly the writing side of things, and so I feel its better to create a side that will promote this as it is my strongest point.

A lot of the sites that I look at from day to day are mostly run by sites such as blogger and are usually owned by the fashion bloggers that I follow and draw inspiration from for my own fashion addition to this blog. That being said, I have always admired the overall layout of these pages although they are not particularly what you would class as a traditional ‘portfolio’, I feel that they are still relevant as this is how most of them have been scouted for employment opportunities.

In this post, I have decided that I will compare a range of sites from journalists and bloggers that work in the industries that I see myself wanting to go in to in the future. Here, I will not only be looking at the content itself, but how the layout and navigation of their websites that I can get a good idea of what should be included and relevant to my online portfolio.


Lily Melrose

One of the very first fashion bloggers that I started to read was Lily Melrose with her formally known fashion website Lily is a 23 year-old fashion blogger living in London who has been featured in magazines such as Look, Company and The Times Newspaper and other mainstream press. She has also been nominated for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award as “Best Established Fashion Blog” and was the winner of the Company Magazine “Best Blog for High Street Lovers” in 2012. Having studied Graphic and Media Design at university, Lily is not stranger to building her own online portfolio and now freelances as a social media consultant and has built her website from humble beginnings to now working with a wide range of companies through her fashion blogging.


Although this would be traditionally be classed more as a blog than an online portfolio, (as it does not have a landing page and everything is organised chronologically on her homepage); I feel that Lily’s site is a great starting point to look at in terms of layout and design. She keeps her content well-organised by putting her posts in to order depending on categories on the menu at the top of her homepage. Her layout and colour scheme is also very eye-catching and simply so that it does not distract her viewers from looking at her posts either which could happen quite easily with the advertisements running down the side of her blog. However, I feel the overall layout looks clean-cut and highly professional.

The content that Lily features also varies depending on what her viewers are interested in seeing from her. For example, she updates her blog every day with reviews of products or even live blogging that can be seen through photographs or vlogs from her Youtube channel; which indicates that she has a good idea of how to use a range of multimedia. Lily also features her Youtube, Instagram and Twitter feeds on her site as well; which I think shows that she has a good sense of how to use different forms of social media to her advantage so that she gets more views resorting back to her site. I feel that I personally would be ok with adding my Twitter and Youtube feeds to my site as this possibly ultimately will be how employers may find my site. However, I am not entirely sure that my website should feature my Instagram page as I do not feel it would really be relevant a part from looking at it in terms of promoting my fashion addition to this blog. This is something that I may change my mind about however once I start putting together my website.

I feel that with Lily’s site is more catered to fans of her blog  than to employers really in terms of content; whereas my site will look to promote me more professionally rather than personally. However I feel that aesthetically it might be a good idea to draw some initial inspiration from the look of her site.

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