Online Portfolio: Uploading Photographic Content on to Portfoliobox

Over the past week or so, I have been uploading the majority of the content that I wish to be featured on my online portfolio. Although I knew exactly what I wanted to be uploaded on the site, I still found it incredibly tricky to get it to look how I wanted it to be. For me, I felt that before I started to get busy with the overall layout it would be better to get my content on the site first so that I wasn’t disappointed if I had created a layout that was perfect but wouldn’t show my content in the way that I wanted it to be. At first I thought it would be best to upload my images first as it seemed the easiest to do and then tackle how I was going to add my online and printed articles and so on.



This is how the ‘Austerity’  and ‘Llandudno’ pages looked once I had uploaded all the images on to my portfolio. Although the images look a little different in layout (with the Llandudno images containing portrait angled shots) I feel that they are presented on the site quite well. I was a little worried that the black and white images wouldn’t stand out against the background but I was proven wrong as the eye is drawn to look directly at them. I still feel as though as these images might look better if I put them in to one big set of images as they are quite similar in style; although I think that maybe this might make my site look as though I have hardly any photographic content featured. I need to take in to consideration as well the amount of images that I upload as I only am allowed 40 on the free version of portfolio box. I also decided that at the top of each page I would write little blurb explaining the creative intent behind each set of photographs so that clients can see why I was photographing these subjects.


I also decided that I would feature the Hyde Park Picture House images that I shot last year for my group project because I felt these photographs depicted the subject that I most interested in which is film. I feel that these images have a lovely sense of reportage to the throwback age of classic cinema, and so gives of this idea of nostalgia which I feel is a running theme in all of my chosen projects when you look at them as a whole.

I am still hoping to include some images from my Editorial Photography module which I will hopefully be shooting at Thoughtbubble in November. I’m still a little worried as to how many images I should upload as I feel that moment this is simply not enough if I’m looking to produce a good balance between the photojournalism and written journalism. However, I feel I must remind myself that although the photography is an essential aspect of the course; it is not the part that I would say I am strongest at, and so I must focus more on the written side. Until then, I am hoping to add more content to the site and eventually work on the layout and colour-scheme as at the moment this is merely a mock-up of how I think I may want it to look once all the content has been uploaded; but we shall have to wait and see.


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