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Over the past couple of days, I have been thinking about the type of content I would want to showcase on my online portfolio. I know that it needs to be a rather varied so it shows that my different skills and qualities; but I also need to fill my site with a balanced selection of photography and journalism as well. It has been challenging trying to figure out what I would consider my best work, but I feel that as I mostly cater my work to film/entertainment and fashion, I feel that I should try and add the best examples of work that accommodate to these interests so that I cater to my chosen target audience for such potential work opportunities in the future.

Below I have put together some of the content that I am thinking about adding to my online portfolio that is both photographic and journalistic.

Examples of Journalism:

Online Journalism








A lot of the online journalism that I have done is for Leeds Met’s student website film section, TheMetOnline. Although this may look as though I have only written for one site; I feel that having a number of websites on site shows that they trust me to write good and honest reviews/articles and that I have a good knowledge of the film industry. It should also show to potential clients my online writing style and structure in comparison to my printed one which I will add to a different page on my portfolio. I like to think that this could show my sense of loyalty and commitment towards an employer as I have a number of successfully written articles on this site as well showing my ability to put together a well-formed layout that is readable for online use.

Printed Journalism:






With my printed journalism, it is clear that clients will be mostly focusing on the overall look and layout of the pages that I have created. Therefore, I have decided to add some of my first printed features to this page as I feel it will show how much I have progressed and honed my skill of creating such content in a small space of time. Obviously, they will also be looking at the writing style and how it differs to my online work, which is clear as my printed work tends to be a lot more detailed as I simply have more time to write them and do not need to be as ‘straight to the point’ as I do in my online work. A lot of my printed work is also from projects that I have done for my university course which I think is a good way to balance out my professional portfolio as it shows work from my group project (showing that I can work well in a group); along with showcasing why I have achieved other professional opportunities through these examples.



Slideshow1 slideshow2 slideshow3 Slideshow4 Slideshow5 Slideshow6 Slideshow7 Slideshow8 Slideshow9jpg Slideshow10


slideshow2.1 slideshow2.2 slideshow2.3 slideshow2.4 slideshow2.5 slideshow2.6 slideshow2.7 slideshow2.8 slideshow2.9 slideshow2.10

So far this is the photography that I would like to include on my online portfolio as I feel it showcases the best of my photography skills. I know that with the type of journalism that I want to do when I leave uni will be mostly revolved around film/fashion I thought it would be best to show my reportage and more documentary based photographs. Ultimately, I would also like to include some of the photography from my Editorial Photography module which will revolve around Cosplay; which is a style of photography that is based around fashion editorial and portrait photography so this would fit in perfectly with what I’m interested in doing professionally. However, we shall have to see how these photographs turn out and if they are good enough to be featured on my website. I’m also still not sure if I should add these photographs in to a ‘documentary’ sub-page on the photography addition to my site as I do not want to exceed the amount of images I can upload on to portfoliobox; but I guess this will have to be done through trial and error to see how this looks once I add them to the portfolio.

About Section:

The ‘About Me’ section of anyone’s online portfolio is an extremely important aspect of the website as a whole because it shows viewers what a person is about, who they are, and what they have accomplished on a professional level. Having already looked in to some websites in a previous post, the ones that I felt were the best were the ones that weren’t written in first person as I found that those came across as far more interesting to read and didn’t sound as informal. I also feel that writing it in third person comes more naturally to me as I simply don’t often talk about myself unless I’m fashion blogging. I think that this style sounds far more professional and that is something that I wish my portfolio to aspire to. The ‘About Me’ section is probably the hardest piece that I will have to write for this module as I will have to pinpoint the aspects of my accomplishments that I have achieved so far that I feel will be relevant to a potential client. As I have only been writing articles and fashion blogging since I have been at university I know that I will not fall under the risk of having an about me section that is too lengthy as I do not have years of experience; but I have had some incredible opportunities stem from doing this so I will need to decide what I want to share in this account and what not to.

When I looked at Lily from, her ‘About Me’ seemed short but came across as sounded quite professional as it documented the key accomplishments of her career so far. However, I would like mine to be a little longer than that and I would like to add a bit more of my personality to this page in order to really sell myself.

So far, this is the ‘About Me’ section that I have come up with:


I feel that what I decided to include in my about me section is the key aspects of my career that I have accomplished so far. To me, this section shows what I’m interested in through my work experience while also providing viewers with a bit of an idea of what my personality is like through my writing style. I think although its a fairly short piece it contains the essential points of my work that I am most proud of; I didn’t feel the need to add everything as I felt it would appear far too lengthy and would deter people from reading the page. I have also written in a style that gives a sense of a professional timeline for my career so far; as well as showing the different skills that I have with writing and social media. Although this section is subject to change quite a bit throughout this module, I think that it is best not to add anything too personal because I do not feel that it is all that relevant and that the beginning sentence explaining my love of film and other mediums is enough for the time being.

Also, what is not included in this screenshot from my site so far is the contact section on the bottom of this page of which I have included my Twitter account and primary e-mail address. It is an essential part of anyone’s employability potential to include an e-mail address and so I thought that I would include the address that I use for my fashion blog. I also felt that it would be good to include my Twitter account as it shows my understanding of social media; along with the fact that most people are simply more reachable using this than any other form of contact information. I wouldn’t say that I tweet about anything I wouldn’t want a potential employer to see as I do not feature anything that is too personal on my twitter page and I feel that I would be happy with them looking at this account. I am still unsure whether or not to include any other form of social media such as instagram or pinterest as I am not sure if I should deem it all that relevant to feature on this site.

My next step is to upload this content on to my website so that I can see how it will look and if I need to make any changes to the layout.

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