Professional Portfolio-Analysis of online Portfolios.

The makings of a good online portfolio:

.Biography and Contact information

.Interesting content that is shows a wide range of techniques

.Information that is key to containing a high level of professionalism (nothing too personal)

.Layout and grammer to be of a high standard.

The makings of a bad online portfolio:

.Not enough information (no contact info, etc.)

.Layout and navigation is hard or complicated to understand

.Not enough content

.Mistakes such as spelling/inappropriate use of language that hinders an air of professionalism.

Analysis of existing online portfolios:

Dave Hill


Images: Looking at the images photographed by Dave Hill featured on his portfolio, I would say that they are a great mix of colourful and eye-catching photographs from each campaign that he has been apart of. A lot of his images range from different style of photography such as fashion and even some black and white documentary. He has photographed a lot of musicians and other celebrities, which shows that he has been successful in this field; and it is clear that his more constructed and editorial photos are the ones that he is more comfortable with, hence why these are the majority featured on his website.


Type/Font: The type and font on Dave Hill’s online portfolio is kept simple; which is obviously a good idea as it does not distract the visitor from the photography which he is ultimately trying to sell to potential clients. As he is primarily trying to sell his photography it is a good idea that he has not added much additional text or writing as this could possible stop the reader from looking at his photographs more in depth; however it would be nice if could have given some more insight in to why he chose certain ideas for photo-shoots.

Colour/Layout: Once again Hill’s colour and font is kept very simple to compliment his photographs using only black/white and grey in his layout. This lack of colour only adds to the level of professionalism that Hill clearly likes to promote within his work. Although he could have gone for something a little more eye-catching I personally feel that it does not need to be this way as he his work is colourful in itself and if there was to be a specific colour palate used on this site I think it would clash and be hard to focus in on Hill’s photography.

Usability/Navigation: Although Hill’s site may be very easy to use, I find it slightly strange that he keeps all his photography at the top of the screen and his more vital information such as a contact page or his blog at the bottom of the screen. To me, it would make more sense to have them switched around as I feel that potential clients would want to find out more about Hill as a person in a professional sense before looking more in to his previous work.



Overall: I would say that ultimately Hill’s online portfolio has a high level of professionalism despite a few changes that I would personally make myself. I also feel that it would be nice to have a little more text on his site so that the viewer could understand why he chose certain decisions or themes in his photography along with possibly adding a more in depth biography on a page of its own instead of adding it to the contact page as well. Despite this, I would say that Hill’s website depicts his skill as a photographer; while still showing his innovative ideas through his blog and behind the scenes pictures along with his use of social media that makes him appear to be more reachable.

Chris Jordan-Bloch


Images: As a photojournalist, Jordan-Bloch’s images look to appeal to a style that stays true to reportage and documentary. Although not entirely eye-catching and ranging in style and genre in comparison to Hill’s photography, Jordan-Bloch prefers to showcase the sense of realism that is further combined within his use of multimedia.


Type/Font: The type and font on Jordan-Bloch’s website is a little unremarkable. Understandably, it is kept simple due to the line of journalism that a majority of his work entails; however I feel that it could have been change to something a little more interesting. The captions and typeface on his photography pages are also the same in that they are forgettable which isn’t good if he is looking to attract potential clients.

Colour/Layout: Much like what has been written above about the type and font on his website; I feel that the black and grey background is a little off-putting on Jordan-Bloch’s website. With his style of photography, I feel that the layout looks a little as though hardly any thought went in to the decision of making the colour scheme this way; which is a shame as his content is really quite interesting.


Usability/Navigation: The navigation for Jordan-Bloch’s site is really well organised and it is clear that a lot though went in to the content that would be featured on his site to promote his work. Not only does he use photography, but Jordan-Bloch uses multimedia such as video and audio to enhance the reading process of his content that he uses to a high level of professionalism. Also on his site, you can look up the social media that he uses such as Twitter and blogging to keep in the know about his upcoming projects; which I feel makes him appeal to a wide range of clients as he appears to be reachable at any time.

Overall: Although I like Jordan-Bloch’s content and the way that he uses it; I would say that he definitely needs to polish up the overall layout and look of his online portfolio. To me, the background and layout appears to really distract the viewer from looking at his work; which is big shame as he has a lot of great content and he knows how to use it to high quality standard. However, because of the bland background and colour scheme this gets lost and for me I would personally not want to continue looking at the site and it comes over as uninteresting in the way that it looks as it is simply not eye-catching enough.

Coming up with ideas for your own sites
You are going to start planning your website. For this reason, you will start thinking about the following
topics. Write this up in a Word document or similar, as part of your reflective journal/digital sketchbook,
with sub headings for each of the following. Fill in each section as we go along over the rest of the module.
• who you are
• what course you are studying, or where you are working (as appropriate)
• what you want to achieve from the course
• evaluation of existing web sites (good and bad examples)
• how your research findings will inform your designs
• experimentation using content for your web site designs
• documenting new skills and techniques throughout the design process
You will produce a rough plan of what you intend to do. Of course, this is subject to amendment as the
module progresses:
• a description of the work you want to incorporate on your site,
• a description of what you will produce for your site,
• time scales,
• dates for review meetings and the final deadline

From what this tutorial has taught me today, I really need to take in to consideration the way in which I want my online portfolio to look if I want to get a high mark in this module. I know that I also have a lot of articles that have been written for online; however as this is the aspect of the course that I find I am more comfortable with I need to bulk up my photographic work as well so that I come across as a well-rounded photojournalist to potential clients. I feel that this module as a has to potential to really enhance my employ-ability if I showcase the best of my work on the site; which I also feel will mostly come down to much trial and error if I do not pick the right website to host my portfolio on. I would say the next thing to do in the coming weeks is to look in to a couple of websites that seems to be the best for the type of journalism that I want to do; and also decide which of my work will be relevant for adding to the content of my portfolio


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