Thoughtbubble Festival Convention Day One.

 Today was the first day of Thoughtbubble’s weekend convention; for which I have decided to experiment with a little cosplaying of my own. If you follow me on Instagram or even look down the side of my blog you will have seen the cosplay outfit that I decided to wear today to see if I fitted in to the more ‘sexy’ side of cosplay or the side that promotes authenticity which was Mass Effect’s own Female Commander Shepard. From what I’ve touched on in the video above (which is my first of many cosplay videos I will hopefully be putting up throughout the remainder of my research), I didn’t really feel as though I was cosplaying today in comparison to the other costumes that I had seen today. With cosplay, in order to gain a reaction from people you really have to go all out and become that character; which I certainly feel I did not do at all. This could’ve been because the character herself (other than among fans) is not highly recognizable unlike a lot of other characters that I had seen today; along with the fact that I was busy photographing the event as well. Due to this, I’m hoping to cosplay in my Poison Ivy outfit that I wore on Halloween as even then this outfit generated the certain kind of attention that I knew I was sure to get. This is simply because Ivy is infamously known as a ‘sexy’ character, and regardless of how I may tomorrow I predict that this will give me the kind of attention I can imagine most sexy cosplayers get.

Apart from that, the cosplay itself like I mention in the video mostly consisted of Anime and Manga characters; which is completely understandable as Japan is arguably the founding country that cosplay came from.  From what I could see and noticed a lot over the past few days of research, and what has cemented this idea from what I saw today is that the anime cosplay tends to have a far more sexual notion than that of mainstream comic book characters. This could just be my opinion and it may be a very generalized one at that; but a lot of the characters in Manga and Anime usually aesthetically refer back to something sexual; especially the lolita ‘maid’ and the animalised characters as well. If that is the case, this completely solidifies that cosplay unfortunately in a lot of ways cannot exist without this sexual ideal as it is based on it along with craftsmanship and authenticity.

As I have said above, I will be cosplaying as Poison Ivy to see what kind of attention I attract; whether it be good or bad. I also plan on taking more pictures for my editorial module while also interviewing cosplayers that I have spoken to via skype and e-mail as well.


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