Editorial Photo-shoot Essay and Ideas.

As part of the Editorial Photography module that we have been given for this semester; along with 5-10 images we must require an extended essay that underlines similar themes to our main assignment.

Essay Requirements:

.Be 1200 words that includes academic research into the underlying themes of your main assignment

.Include theoretical assessment of the visual language in your photos or a social or media theme that relates to your photos

.Have an argument and the sources have to back it up

How to include an argument:

.Your essay should have a clear statement of the argument – known as the thesis

.This should be introduced at the end of the intro

.This drives the essay

.Guide the reader about what is going to be argued

.It will focus the writer on what must be argued and supported

.The rest of the essay will develop the argument with reasons and examples

.The test for whether you include something should be “Does this contribute to the development of the thesis statement or not?”

.What matters is how clearly you debate more than the subject.

Format of the piece:

.Intro – subject and argument

.Define the theory and academic research you’ve done

.Debate the argument in the light of the academic theory

.Conclusion – Has your argument been proved or disproved?

Essay Ideas:

The idea behind my main photoshoot for this module has been to look in to Cosplay photography. I felt that this would be an interesting genre to base this module on as this will help me gain a further understanding of my main research project plan. I have already experimented with location and style with my past art direction and lighting assignment and I feel that with a little tweaking I could make an innovative photoshoot based around this sub-culture.


images (8)



From the looks of the images above, and from the discussion that I had with my tutor last week; the key elements to cosplay photography come down to location and the costume itself. Cosplay photography is a mix of fashion and portrait photography and so art direction has a lot to do with how the images will turn out. I will be the first to admit that I am a lot stronger with my writing than my photography and so I will have to practice quite a bit on these two genres so that I can combine them for when I decide to photograph any cosplayers.

For the essay part of this module, I am thinking of using my question for the project plan and pitch module to drive the opinion piece that I wish to produce for this particular essay. For this, I plan on writing an opinion piece for a magazine that looks to compare the elements of sex appeal and craftsmanship in cosplay.


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