Mood Board Assignment

What is a moodboard I hear you say?

Well, typically a moodboard is a specific kind of collage that can consist of text, images and even samples of prototypes such as material that is set to compose a particular mood or theme. It is often used by artists or designers as a starting point to gain inspiration or to sell an idea to someone.

Which is why it is important to create one in photography when coming up with an idea for a particular photoshoot or narrative. We were given a task to create a moodboard that focused on one of the following themes:

Off Duty


La Dolce Vita


I decided that unlike the other themes off-duty would be a challenge and so I thought it would be interesting to create a moodboard based on that theme. I tried to use as little studio photography as possible as I felt as though featuring that kinda of photography would defeat the object of centering the moodboard on this theme. A lot of the images I chose reflected the off duty theme with fashion models going about their day to day errands along with featuring objects and fastfood which I felt gave it a relaxed feel. This moodboard gives the off duty theme a bustling city vibe and if this was to be pitched in front of a client I would imagine I would sell the idea further by creating a storyboard that focused its photoshoot on this style of theme.


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