Art Direction Assignment

After learning previously about the importance that art direction can have in editorial photography, we were asked to create our own photo-shoot based around a concept that we had created ourselves through much thought and planning and then executing this in a series of pictures. Seeing as I have been doing a great deal of research on the interest of cosplay, I thought it would be interesting to produce a scenario in a photo-shoot that would be similar to the style of cosplay photography. Since interviewing cosplayers  around the Leeds area, I have got familiar with two students who live in my student accommodation who I found out practiced cosplay themselves as Batman and Robin; and they were willing to let me photograph them in poses that felt right for these characters.

Firstly, after having them agree to be photographed I started creating a moodboard to help inspire me to come up with a concept based around this particular subject.

batman cosplay

For my moodboard, I wanted to look show images that came to my mind first when I thought of Batman and cosplay photography. I chose images from a wide range of mediums such as film, video games and comics as well as the shots of cosplayers pretending to be their chosen favourite Batman characters. I think that these two ideas go well together as it shows the calibre of fandom that Batman has and how it has become a universally recognizable not only as a character but as a symbol of comic books in general.



After thoroughly looking at my moodboard, I decided that I wanted to construct a storyboard that stayed true to the somewhat older Batman story arcs that weren’t as gritty and gothic as the newer ones may be. I guess you could say the story I have devised it more on par with the Adam West tv show, with the campy humour which carries on in the drawings until the very end. The shots that I thought would be best for such a narrative would be mostly close-up shots that would show the facial expressions of the characters and convey their emotions perfectly as they would otherwise get lost within a more establishing shot. I myself would do the make-up for the images however as these are cosplayers that I am photographing they would be providing the shoots with their costumes. I feel that the narrative stays true to the typical cosplay style as it pokes fun at the characters and doesn’t take itself too seriously which is seen often in cosplay photography.



Above are the two shots that I decided to use as the highlighted pictures from the cosplay photoshoot. I chose these mostly because I felt that they stood out more than the others and really optimized the essence of my storyboard and cosplay in general. I think shooting on location outside really set the scene and theme from my storyboard and having both the Joker and Batman in these two images really as both are hiding behind something, whether it be a cowl or clown make-up; its a nice contrast of good and sinister evil.


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